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(Graphic courtesy of Up w/ Chris Hayes)

Fracking is transforming our energy economy--but it's also causing earthquakes

12/08/12 03:19PM

In just the past few years a revolution in carbon extraction technology has radically transformed our energy economy. Previously untapped natural gas reserves, trapped by giant rock formations thousands of feet below the Earth's surface, are now accessible to us thanks to something called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." The natural gas boom that we are now experiencing has cut natural gas prices in half since 2008, and has hastened the demise of the coal industry, which now only provides a third of our energy supply. read more

Sunday's Guests (Dec. 9): The GOP's latest deficit offer, the Jovan Belcher tragedy, Dan Savage on marriage equality and the Supreme Court

12/08/12 03:04PM

On Sunday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll examine the Republicans' latest offer in their stand-off with President Obama over what we're calling "the fiscal curb." Then we'll discuss the knee-jerk speculation that immediately followed last week after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed Kassandra Perkins, the mother of his three-month-old daughter, before turning the gun on himself in front of his head coach and general manager. read more

Up host Chris Hayes talks about why a boom in energy extraction in the U.S. has led to the nickname of "Saudi-America," and what energy independence in the nation would mean for the climate. (Photo courtesy of Up w/ Chris Hayes.)

This is what 'Saudi America' looks like

12/08/12 12:00PM

Right now in Dickinson, North Dakota, the local McDonalds is offering a $300 signing bonus to new employees. You heard that right, with a 7.7% nationwide unemployment rate, and persistently sluggish job growth and wage stagnation, the labor market of this one town in North Dakota is so tight, and employers are so desperate for workers, they're offering a signing bonus for a job slinging fries. read more

(Graphic courtesy of Up w/ Chris Hayes)

Saturday's guests (Dec. 8): How fracking has transformed our economy, the resurgence of oil and gas production, the future of renewable energy

12/07/12 05:48PM

On Saturday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll examine how hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" -- the controversial method of drilling deep below the Earth's surface to extract oil and natural gas reserves -- has transformed our energy economy. We'll also discuss the resurgence of oil and gas production, and its implications for our political economy. And we'll ask what the future of renewable energy will look like given America's increased oil production and historically low prices of natural gas. Joining Chris at 8 AM ET on msnbc will be: read more

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., is a leading advocate in reforming the Senate filibuster.

Key Democrat on filibuster reform: No more 'killing bills in the middle of the night'

12/01/12 03:30PM

If President Obama wants to get anything done in his second term, Democrats in the Senate will have to overcome one major obstacle: the filibuster. In the last four years, Republicans have used the filibuster to prevent landmark pieces of legislation--such as the DREAM Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act and additional measures to stimulate the economy--from even reaching the floor for debate, let alone a vote. Republicans have shattered previous records for filibuster use, and the share of bills introduced in the Senate that have been passed has reached an all-time low. read more

Sunday's Guests (Dec. 2): Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) on taxes and social insurance; the brutal toll of state budget crunches; Washington's marijuana experiment

12/01/12 01:22PM

Sunday on Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll examine the president's proposals to raise revenue as part of a deficit reduction deal, and we'll discuss what progressives must do to argue effectively for the taxes necessary to fund important social insurance programs, like Medicare and Social Security. We'll also look at the toll state budget crunches are taking on the economy. And we'll consider the implications of a fascinating social experiment about to begin in Washington state: the legal, regulated sale of marijuana. Joining Chris at  8 AM ET on msnbc will be: read more

Saturday's guests (Dec. 1): Filibuster reform, the future of social insurance, Bradley Manning

11/30/12 04:06PM

On Saturday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll discuss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's proposal to reform the filibuster, which was endorsed this week by President Obama. We'll have recently retired Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin on to talk about how the filibuster works, and how it affects the Senate's ability to function. Then we'll examine the White House's deficit reduction offer to Congressional Republicans, and what those proposals could mean for the future of social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare. read more

Palestinian schoolgirls wave Palestinian flags during a rally supporting the Palestinian UN bid for observer state status, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012. The Palestinians will request to upgrade their status on November 29....

U.S. policy in the Middle East validates terrorism as a tactic

11/25/12 01:11PM

The good news in the Middle East this week, and good news from the region can sometimes seem in short supply, is that Hamas and the Israeli government reached a cease-fire agreement to stop the escalating violence between the two that left six Israelis and 168 Palestinians dead in the course of a week. Upon announcement of the cease-fire, Gazans streamed out into the streets to celebrate, while Israeli public opinion was decidedly cooler towards the news. One poll showed that 31% of Israelis approved of the cease-fire while 49% were opposed. read more


Video: Obama in 2004: 'terrorism is a tactic'

11/25/12 08:18AM

The Obama administration has vastly stepped up the use of drones and targeted killings of suspected terrorists in countries like Pakistan and Yemen over the past four years, and in the recent Gaza crisis, President Obama has staunchly defended Israel's bombing campaign against Palestinian militants. But in 2004, Obama took a considerably different approach to the question of what motivates terrorist activity, and how U.S. foreign policy should respond to acts of political violence. read more

Anthony Trujillo pickets outside a Walmart store as holiday sales commence in San Leandro, California November 22, 2012. Calling on Walmart to treat workers with more respect, a group of about 30 demonstrators spent several hours standing outside the...

Can Walmart keep its 'always low prices' and pay workers fairly?

11/24/12 03:56PM

Walmart workers joined the stampeding hordes of shoppers who lined up outside of the retail store during the early hours of Black Friday, but not to pick up on the "door-busting" deals. Protesters rallied against the retailer's low-wages and working conditions outside of 1,000 Walmart stores across 46 states, according to the union-backed group OUR Walmart —all on one of the biggest sale days of the year. read more

Sunday's guests (Nov. 25): After the crisis in Gaza, what next? Egypt's president confounds expectations, the battle over Susan Rice & how Obama saw terrorism in 2004

11/24/12 03:01PM

On Sunday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll discuss the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, and ask what role the United States can and should play in bringing about a permanent resolution to the conflict. As part of that discussion, we'll also air an especially revealing clip we've unearthed of Barack Obama in 2004, at the time a newly elected senator from Illinois, talking about the causes of terrorism. read more

Saturday's guests (Nov. 24): Tony Kushner on Lincoln and Obama, Walmart, Black Friday and the culture of consumption, the future of Obamacare

11/23/12 06:38PM

On Saturday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, Chris will sit down with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner about his latest movie, "Lincoln," the politics of compromise and the movie's parallels with another transformational political figure: President Obama. We'll also discuss planned strikes at Walmart stores across the country by employees protesting working conditions, and what Black Friday says about the broader culture of consumption in America. read more

Sunday's Guests (Nov. 18): The resignation of Gen. David Petraeus and the surveillance state, escalating violence in Israel and Gaza, a looming Black Friday strike at Walmart

11/17/12 02:32PM

On Sunday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll discuss the resignation of former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus, his legacy and the episode's implications for the surveillance state. We'll examine the escalation of violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza. And Chris will sit down with workers at Walmart to talk with them about their efforts to launch a unified strike on Black Friday to protest their working conditions. Joining Chris on Sunday at 8 AM ET: read more

Sunday's Guests (Nov. 11): An historic new Congress, the stand-off over the 'fiscal cliff,' what Obama's second term looks like, Karl Rove's Super PAC falls flat

11/10/12 02:54PM

Tomorrow on Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll discuss the makeup of the new Congress, both politically and demographically. We'll examine the stand-off between President Obama and House Republicans over the "fiscal cliff," the name given to the combination of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the sequestration cuts mandated by last year's debt ceiling agreement. And we'll delve into the spectacular failure of Karl Rove and other big-money Republican operatives to sway voters. Joining Chris tomorrow at 8 AM ET on msnbc will be: read more

Twilight of the Elites events with Chris Hayes in Miami, Boston next week

11/10/12 09:09AM

Chris Hayes will be in Miami and Boston next week to discuss and sign copies of his book, "Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy." On Monday Nov. 12 at 8 pm he'll be appearing at Miami Dade College's Book Fair International. You can find more detais here. And then on Tueasday Nov. 13 at 7 pm, Chris will sit down with The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Details can be found here. read more