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E.g., 10/24/2014
E.g., 10/24/2014
 President Barack Obama speaks during a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan in the Rose Garden of the White House May 16, 2013. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

May 18: What makes a scandal, the AP, and military sexual assault

05/17/13 05:36PM

On Saturday's episode of Up with Steve Kornacki, we will be discussing scandals. What counts and what doesn't? We'll also be talking about the fine line Democrats are walking as they struggle to support the administration's policies while still supporting civil liberties. We will also talk about what the White House needs to do to deal with the military's massive sexual assault crisis. Joining Steve Kornacki at 8 AM will be: Joan Walsh, msnbc Political Analyst, Editor-at-large, (@joanwalsh) Bob Herbert, distinguished senior fellow, Demos (@bobherbert) read more