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E.g., 12/21/2014
E.g., 12/21/2014
File Photo: This April 4, 1984 black-and-white file photo shows President Ronald Reagan faces reporters at the beginning of a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Second presidential terms are never easy. More often they...

Remember when the GOP was pro-choice?

07/21/13 11:43AM

It wasn't so long ago that reproductive rights were a key part of the Republican party platform. Recently passed laws in states from Texas to Ohio to North Carolina will drastically roll back access to reproductive care, but it wasn't until 1980 that an anti-abortion plank was added to the GOP's official platform read more

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie looks on while giving his State of the State address in the assembly chamber in Trenton, N.J., in this Jan. 8, 2013 file photo. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Chris Christie's SEC Woes

07/21/13 10:03AM

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie looks like he will coast to re-election. A recent Quinnipac poll showed he is currently up 32 points over his Democratic challenger, State Senator Barbara Buono. But while Christie fans around the country are cheering for a victory across party lines, that could propel his national ambitions, what many observers don't realize is that being chief executive of New Jersey could actually make it harder for the governor to launch a bid for the White House in 2016. read more

Here's what we should know this week

Here's what we should know this week

07/21/13 09:52AM

Steve Kornacki and the Up panel tells what we should know this week: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner faces allegations of sexual misconduct; John Lewis at Comic Con for his graphic novel called “March”; the Catholic Church tries to merge old school... watch

Is the filibuster a relic?

Is the filibuster a relic?

07/21/13 08:16AM

Former Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin reminds the Up panel that the Senate still pays homage to the wishes of the minority party - as it was originally intended to do. But is the filibuster a relic? Steve Kornacki and the panel discuss. watch

The Senate deal is holding - but for how...

The Senate deal is holding - but for how long?

07/21/13 08:00AM

The Senate backed down from the brink of using the nuclear option last week, but one compromise does not a permanent deal make. Amanda Terkel, former Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin, former Sen. Mo Cowan, D-Mass., and Michael Brendan Dougherty... watch