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Stunning turn in cast against Hastert

Stunning turn in the cast against Dennis Hastert

05/30/15 08:01AM

Federal law enforcement officials tell NBC News that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was paying a man in order to conceal past misconduct of a sexual nature. Steve Kornacki and his guests examine possible implications from this week's Hastert news. watch

The Green Mountain State Challenge

The Green Mountain State Challenge

05/29/15 07:03PM

The 2016 Presidential field expanded a lot this week, so Steve Kornacki decided to test the UP team’s knowledge of Vermont -- home to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who kicked his campaign off in Burlington on Tuesday. watch

Not so fast for fast-track

Not so fast for fast-track

05/24/15 09:01AM

President Obama's trade bill still has to make it through opposition in the House. Key members on opposite sides, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., and Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., join Steve Kornacki to debate. watch

Will any GOP candidates be spoiler this year?

Will any GOP candidates be a spoiler this year?

05/23/15 09:01AM

The crowded GOP 2016 field convenes in Oklahoma City and prepares for a busy week ahead. Msnbc’s Jane Timm reports and Steve Kornacki talks with Ana Marie Cox, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Sabrina Siddiqui about upcoming entries into the presidential race. watch


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