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The future of the Obama jobs agenda

The future of the Obama jobs agenda

07/28/13 08:16AM

The Up panel talks deals that could be brokered regarding the jobs agenda, the role of the sequester, and bargaining tools for both Republicans and Democrats on pushing the president's economic agenda forward. watch


How the GOP's woman problem could affect 2014

07/27/13 12:31PM

When the GOP has 2014 Senate candidates saying on the floor of the U.S. House that schools should teach traditional gender roles, like Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey did a couple months ago, it's easy to start conjuring visions of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, "legitimate rape," and a Democratic electoral victory. It's more complicated than that, as the panel on Up with Steve Kornacki discussed Saturday, but even if primary voters keep rewarding conservative views, general elections could get harder to win. read more

A poll worker prepares 'I Voted' stickers at Harrison United Methodist Church during the U.S. presidential election in Pineville, North Carolina November 6, 2012. (PHoto by Chris Keane/Reuters)

How far NC will go to suppress the vote

07/27/13 11:06AM

North Carolina passed a slew of voting restrictions that has been called the most draconian in the United States, and it could have massive implications for voters in the state and for the nation as a whole. On Saturday's Up with Steve Kornacki, the panel discussed a few of the changes that could have the biggest impact, like the provision that cuts the time allotted for early voting in half. read more

The Detroit skyline is seen Wednesday, July 1, 2009.  (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Up for July 28: What to know

07/27/13 10:08AM

On Sunday's Up with Steve Kornacki, the show will talk about the differences between parties when they talk about jobs, Republicans and race, and how Detroit represents America and what it can tell us about the divide between urban and suburban culture. Joining Steve Kornacki on Sunday's show will be: Ana Marie Cox, political columnist, The Guardian (@anamariecox) Josh Barro, politics editor, Business Insider (@jbarro) Jamelle Bouie, staff writer at The American Prospect (@jbouie) Melissa Harris-Perry, msnbc host “Melissa Harris-Perry” (@MHarrisPerry) read more

Most and least honest places in America...

Most and least honest places in America revealed

07/27/13 09:51AM

Steve Kornacki shares the results of a test from Honest Tea about the most “honest” areas of America. He also explains how former California congressman Pete Stark is spending some of his leftover campaign funds, and the rest of the panelists share... watch