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E.g., 7/26/2014
Direct line between 2003 invasion, Iraq today

Direct line between 2003 invasion, Iraq today

06/21/14 08:00AM

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports on the latest from Erbil, Iraq, and former Rep. Patrick Murphy, retired British Lt. Col. Michael Kay, and McClatchy Newspapers correspondent Nancy Youssef examine what Iraq’s leadership needs to do to reach a political soluti watch

How to ride out World Cup fever

How to ride out World Cup fever

06/15/14 09:44AM

Soccer is the world’s sport, but America is still playing catch-up. Former members of the U.S. national soccer teams Bruce Murray and Briana Scurry and longtime sports writer George Vecsey talk with Steve Kornacki about the global enthusiasm for the World watch

Martha Coakley jolted from a big setback

Martha Coakley jolted from another big setback

06/15/14 09:30AM

In the race for governor at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention, some bad memories from 2010 are being revived after Attorney General Martha Coakley came behind State Treasurer Steve Grossman. Grossman, now the Democratic Party’s officially endorsed c watch

Incumbent GOP danger in primaries still alive

Danger for GOP incumbents in primaries still alive

06/15/14 09:15AM

Steve Kornacki talks with the Knoxville News Sentinel’s Michael Collins and the Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling about the Senate primaries in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas, and whether it’s possible the tea party candidates could defeat the Republica watch