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E.g., 11/25/2014
From brink of war to a proposed deal on...

From brink of war to a proposed deal on disarmament

09/14/13 08:00AM

The Obama administration has hammered out the outlines of a deal with Russia for getting Syria to secure its chemical weapons. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports on the latest. Then, The Atlantic's Molly Ball,'s Perry Bacon Jr., and PBS NewsHour... watch

After NBC interview, JFK asked for do-over

09/08/13 02:50PM

On September 9, 1963—fifty years ago today—President John F. Kennedy sat down for an interview with NBC’s evening news program, the Huntley-Brinkley Report. Kennedy was grappling with the United States’ involvement in South Vietnam, and though he did several interviews on America’s deepening involvement around this time, the President was unsatisfied with his answers. “There's one or two places—were a little ragged,” Kennedy said after finishing responding to a question. “I thought we might do—almost think about doing them over.” read more


Recall election over gun control 'litmus test' for U.S.

09/08/13 01:03PM

Voters turned out in historic numbers for two Colorado recall votes of state senators who supported limiting gun magazines to 15-rounds and requiring universal background checks, the Denver Post reported this week. Democrats John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo will find out Tuesday if they have lost their seats in the state chamber. read more

JFK's do-over

JFK's do-over

09/07/13 08:00PM

The invention and integration of social media technologies, like Twitter, have changed political journalism and reporting. Circumstances like JFK asking to do certain question over in an interview with NBC's Huntley-Brinkley report probably wouldn't... watch

Bloomberg accuses NYC mayoral frontrunner of 'racist' campaigning

09/07/13 01:13PM

With less than three days left before New Yorkers decide who their mayoral candidates will be, current Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making it clear he's not a fan of Democratic frontrunner Bill De Blasio. In an interview with New York Magazine, Bloomberg defended his own record over the course of three terms and attacked De Blasio's campaign, calling it "class-warfare and racist."A poll released this week showed De Blasio at 43%, putting him ahead of his Democratic opponents and above the 40% threshold necessary to avoid a runoff. read more

The political legacy of John Kerry

The political legacy of John Kerry

09/06/13 09:43AM

John Aloysius Farrell, a presidential biographer who spent 16 years covering John Kerry for The Boston Globe, joins the Up panel to discuss the evolution of Kerry, from a Vietnam veteran who testified against that war to an advocate for military... watch

A crucial voice on the Supreme Court

A crucial voice on the Supreme Court

09/06/13 09:31AM

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who recently became the first Supreme Court member to officiate a same-sex marriage, is currently the oldest member of the Court. Linda Greenhouse from Yale Law School joins the Up panel to talk about how some... watch