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E.g., 2/28/2015
Was Wendy Davis the start of something...

Was Wendy Davis the start of something bigger?

12/28/13 10:35AM

Steve Kornacki reflects on the year in women’s health as more abortion restrictions were passed around the country, and the panel looks at whether social issues like this are considered part of the broader Tea Party movement. watch

National abortion opinions shifting right

National abortion opinions shifting right

12/28/13 10:30AM

With so many local pieces of legislation focused on restricting abortion access, the Up with Steve panel looks at why opinions on the issue have shifted right over time and whether there will be pushback against it. watch

Clock runs out for long-term jobless benefits

What’s next for long-term unemployed

12/28/13 10:26AM

About 1.3 million Americans who've been counting on federal jobless aid will see that emergency help end because Congress couldn't come to an agreement to extend it in time. The panel looks at whether it’s possible these benefits could be restored. watch

'Soft on crime' notion outdated?

'Soft on crime' notion outdated?

12/28/13 10:17AM

Some Democratic governors have joined President Obama in issuing pardons to non-violent inmates who've been stuck in prison due to harsh mandatory minimum drug sentencing guidelines. So why aren't Democrats joining them? watch


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