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Steve Kornacki with "Up Against the Clock" winner Brian Beutler.

We have a winner!

10/19/13 01:58PM

For the first time in UP Against the Clock's storied history, a contestant triumphed in the bonus round and took home the grand prize. read more

UP: Sunday October 20

10/19/13 12:47PM

Bipartisan budget negotiations: why will they end any differently this time? Steve and his panel will try to answer that. Breaking down Wednesday’s vote and the political incentives: who voted against it and why? And with a republican party this divided, is something gonna give?? History suggests it’s possible. Steve’s 19th century warning for the GOP… And Washington’s NFL franchise: the growing chorus for a name change. read more

UP: Saturday October 19

10/18/13 11:10AM

This Saturday on Up with Steve Kornacki, Steve and panel will look at the week that was and whether or not Ted Cruz (& Co.) will actually pay a political price for the shutdown and the subsequent republican reckoning. And you know it… you love it… America’s hit abbreviated game show, “UP Against the Clock” returns! read more

Paul LePage

The Notorious P. LeP

10/17/13 01:30PM

On “Up Against the Clock” this past weekend, it seemed kind of stunning – or at least noteworthy – when this question went unanswered: “In response to the federal government shutdown, a state of emergency was declared by this notoriously blunt Republican Maine governor.” The answer, of course, is Paul LePage. read more