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Why Rand Paul really doesn’t care about aide’s ‘Southern Avenger’ past


Can a 35-year-old man get away with the “youthful indiscretion” of supporting secession? He can if he’s a part of Rand Paul’s version of the Republican Party.

The GOP can argue that it is the party of Lincoln and of racial progressivism, but as long the list of politically active white men who say racist and racially insensitive things keeps growing beyond the old guard comprised of former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott or Alaska Rep. Don Young to include people much closer to the millennial generation, the party risks irrelevance.

Watch Steve Kornacki break down the political history that has made it possible for someone who admits he doesn’t support the Civil Rights Act to employ a grown man with a penchant for Stars and Bars Mexican wrestling masks.

Why Rand Paul really doesn't care about aide's 'Southern Avenger' past