Up on Jan. 6: Hurricane Sandy relief, the 112th Congress, Chicago’s homicide rate


On Sunday’s Up w/ Chris Hayes, we’ll discuss the negotiations – and the roadblocks – that have held up the relief bills for Hurricane Sandy victims in the House of Representatives. We’ll also take a look back at the 112th Congress that just ended – one of the least productive in history – and review some of the bills they actually did manage to pass. And we’ll examine the causes and consequences of gun crimes, after Chicago’s murder rate hit a record high in 2012.

Joining Chris on Sunday at 8AM ET on msnbc will be:

Steve Ellis, the vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Fran O’Connor, a resident of Sayreville, NJ, one of the towns hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

Ben Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP.

Esther Armah, host of “Wake Up Call” on WBAI-FM.

Tio Hardiman, director of CeaseFire Illinois and creator of the Violence Interrupter Initiative.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), newly elected Congressman representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

Up on Jan. 6: Hurricane Sandy relief, the 112th Congress, Chicago's homicide rate