Sunday’s Guests (Nov. 11): An historic new Congress, the stand-off over the ‘fiscal cliff,’ what Obama’s second term looks like, Karl Rove’s Super PAC falls flat


Tomorrow on Up w/ Chris Hayes, we’ll discuss the makeup of the new Congress, both politically and demographically. We’ll examine the stand-off between President Obama and House Republicans over the “fiscal cliff,” the name given to the combination of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the sequestration cuts mandated by last year’s debt ceiling agreement. And we’ll delve into the spectacular failure of Karl Rove and other big-money Republican operatives to sway voters.

Joining Chris tomorrow at 8 AM ET on msnbc will be:

Hakeem Jeffries, newly elected Congressman representing the 8th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York State Assemblyman.

Teresa Ghilarducci (@tghilarducci), labor economist and director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at The New School.

Edward Conard, former partner at Bain Capital from 1993-2007 and author of “Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About The Economy Is Wrong.”

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown

Neil Barofsky, former special inspector general in charge of oversight of TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program)

Rober Wolf (@robertwolf32), former President of UBS Investment Bank, outside adviser to President Obama and host of “Impact Players,” a weekly webcast on Reuters’ YouTube channel.

Molly Ball (@mollyesque), national political reporter for The Atlantic.