Saturday’s guests (Dec. 1): Filibuster reform, the future of social insurance, Bradley Manning


On Saturday’s Up w/ Chris Hayes, we’ll discuss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s proposal to reform the filibuster, which was endorsed this week by President Obama. We’ll have recently retired Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin on to talk about how the filibuster works, and how it affects the Senate’s ability to function. Then we’ll examine the White House’s deficit reduction offer to Congressional Republicans, and what those proposals could mean for the future of social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare. We’ll also discuss the case of Bradley Manning, the army private accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks. Manning testified for the first time in military court this week on the conditions of his detention over the past two years.

Joining Chris on Saturday at 8 AM ET on msnbc will be:

Ed Pilkington, chief reporter for, former national and foreign editor of the paper and author of “Beyond the Mother Country.”

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), a leading advocate of filibuster reform.

Alan Frumin, former Senate Parliamentarian and author of  “Riddicks Senate Procedure.”

Akhil Amar, Yale Law School professor and author of “America’s Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By.”

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto (@DrVMDS), msnbc contributor, senior analyst at Latino Decisions and fellow at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas-Austin.

Richard Arenberg, co-author of “Defending the Filibuster: The Soul of the Senate.”

Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economics at The New School for Social Research and director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at The New School.

Don Peebles, chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation and member of President Obama’s National Finance Committee.

Sam Seder (@SamSeder), host of The Majority Report on and co-host of, Ring of Fire.

Danielle Brian (@daniellebrian), executive director for the Project On Government Oversight.

Eyal Press (@EyalPress), author of “Beautiful Souls: Saying No, Breaking Ranks and Heeding the Voice of Conscience in Dark Times”

Saturday's guests (Dec. 1): Filibuster reform, the future of social insurance, Bradley Manning