May 11: Death Penalty, Austerity, Obamacare


On Saturday’s Up with Steve Kornacki, we’ll be discussing the politics of the death penalty from state to state, austerity’s effect on entitlements, and Obamacare’s implications for the GOP in 2014.

Joining Steve at 8 AM ET will be:

Ed Pilkington, U.S. Correspondent, The Guardian (@EdPilkington)

Kirk Bloodsworth, Director of Advocacy, Witness to Innocence and the first American sentenced to death row who was exonerated by DNA (@BloodsworthDNA)

Christina Swarns, Director of the Criminal Justice Practice, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (@ChristinaSwarns)

Patrick Murphy, msnbc Contributor, Former Congressman (D-PA) (@patrickmurphypa)

Jared Bernstein, msnbc Contributor, Sr. Fellow, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities (@econjared)

Heather McGhee, Vice President, Demos (@hmcghee)

Josh Barro, Columnist, Bloomberg View (@jbarro)

Lori Montgomery, Economic Policy Reporter, The Washington Post (@loriamontgomery)

Sarah Kliff, Health Policy reporter, The Washington Post (@sarahkliff)

Perry Bacon, Jr., msnbc Contributor, Political Editor, (@perrybaconjr)