Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 12/7/15

Robert Costa, Malcolm Nance

Date: December 7, 2015
Guest: Robert Costa, Malcolm Nance

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Trump to Muslims – You`re not welcome here.

Let`s play HARDBALL.

Good evening. I`m Chris Matthews in Washington.

Well, last night, Donald Trump blasted Barack Obama, saying, We need a
new president fast. Well, today, he drove the heat even higher, saying the
country should slam the door on Muslims, period.

His campaign issued this statement. Quote, “Donald J. Trump is
calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United
States until our country`s representatives can figure out what is going on.
” And here`s his direct quote, “Until we`re able to determine and
understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country
cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in
jihad and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Well, tonight, Donald Trump is marking the anniversary of the attack
on Pearl Harbor with an event aboard the USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant,
South Carolina. It`s a not so subtle backdrop for the candidate who
appears to be benefiting most from the debate over national security and

I`m joined right now by NBC`s Katy Tur, who is live at Trump`s event,
as well as Robert Costa here – he`s national political reporter from “The
Washington Post” – and MSNBC political analyst Eugene Robinson, also of
“The Washington Post.”

Katy, I always think that every time Trump does one of these numbers,
the public`s going to say, No, he`s gone too far this time. What is your
estimate, being with him? Is this too much?

KATY TUR, NBC CORRESPONDENT: I`ve got to tell you, from speaking with
people who have come out to this event and asking them specifically, What
do you think about the idea of banning all Muslims from coming into this
country, the majority of them say that they like the idea, the ones that
we`ve spoken to. They think it is a wise choice. They believe that Donald
Trump is going to keep them safe.

The ones that waffled because said no comment, they`ll have to think
about it, but it wouldn`t change their opinion of Donald Trump. They would
still vote for him.

Why is this? Why is this? Well, about 60 percent of Republicans,
according to one of our latest polls, say that one of their biggest
concerns is being the victim of terrorism. They believe that Donald Trump
is the person that`s going to keep them safe. He`s been unequivocal on
bombing the hell out of ISIS, bringing back waterboarding and also
(INAUDIBLE) more hard-line comments.

They believe that that`s the (INAUDIBLE) right way to be. They want
it to be black and white. They don`t want nuance. They don`t want
diplomacy. They don`t want anything related to what President Obama has
been doing for the last eight years.

MATTHEWS: I guess the political question – I`ll ask everybody else
after you – why jack it up? He was already the man in the catbird seat.
He`s already the guy who`s seen as the toughest on illegal immigrants, and
everybody, Muslims, anybody that might be somebody he doesn`t like.

Why does he have to raise the heat by saying we`re going to slam the
door on Muslim people? By the way, how do you tell somebody`s a Muslim if
they don`t tell you?

TUR: Well, they don`t want somebody necessarily who`s been a part of
the establishment. They don`t care that he doesn`t have the experience.
They believe that he`s going to put people around him who will be smart.
They just – frankly, just really trust him. they trust his opinion. They
trust the way he sees the world. They like that he speaks directly to

(INAUDIBLE) over and over again, but these are people who believe in
Donald Trump whole-heartedly. They come out to see him in droves, and they
like what he is saying. And they don`t like the establishment. The
closest person that they like second to Donald Trump is generally Ted Cruz.
And he`s been very anti-establishment, as well.

But for the most part, we are seeing (ph) Ted Cruz didn`t totally
condemn him for these comments, but we are seeing the vast majority of
Republicans and Democrats coming out and saying that they don`t believe
that this is a good idea.

Also, legal scholars and constitutional scholars saying that this
isn`t legal and probably isn`t constitutional, either.

MATTHEWS: OK. Thank you, Katy Tur. We`re going to be back to catch
Trump when he starts hitting the big points tonight.

Republicans have been quick to express their disagreement with Trump`s
call to ban Muslims from entering the country. Senator Lindsey Graham
tweeted, “Every candidate for president needs to do the right thing and
condemn Donald Trump`s statement.”

Jeb Bush said, “Donald Trump is unhinged.” That`s an interesting
line, he`s unhinged. “His policy proposals are not serious.”

John Kasich said, “This is just more of the outrageous divisiveness
that characterizes his every breath and another reason why he is entirely
unsuited to lead the United States.”

Even Ted Cruz, who has mirrored Trump`s hawkish tone in recent day,
said he does not agree with Trump`s policy.


I believe the focus should focus on radical Islamic terrorism. And we need
to be directly focused on threats to the United States.


MATTHEWS: Carly Fiorina said it was dangerous and a dangerous
overreaction, she called it. Let`s listen to her.


overreaction is as dangerous as President Obama`s underreaction. President
Obama isn`t prepared to do anything, which is clearly foolish. But Donald
Trump always plays on everyone`s worst instincts and fears, and saying
we`re not going to let a single Muslim into this country is a dangerous


MATTHEWS: Well, Ben Carson told reporters, “We do not and would not
advocate being selective on one`s religion,” in terms of letting people in
the country.

And Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton condemned Trump in no
uncertain terms, writing, “This is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive.
Donald Trump, you don`t get it. This makes us less safe.”

Gentlemen, thank you. You`re out there covering this guy all the
time. Why is he jacking it up tonight? He`s already on top of this baby.
And all the polls show this is the hot issue, terrorism.

ROBERT COSTA, “WASHINGTON POST”: Timing`s notable. There`s two new
polls in Iowa today. One, Monmouth University, shows Cruz up in Iowa,
first time Cruz has been leading in Iowa. Another CNN poll in Iowa shows
Trump up. Trump needs to be the center of attention. He wants to dominate
the conversation. This is him doing it once again.

I – I also think what he has done – and first of all, it`s reprehensible,
it`s ridiculous what he proposes, unconstitutional…

MATTHEWS: By the way, how do you enforce it?

ROBINSON: Well, it`s unenforceable. Whatever…

MATTHEWS: Suppose you have a Muslim – if you will, Middle Eastern
background, OK, or South Asian background, and you look a certain way when
you come in the country, but you`re a complete agnostic. Are you still a

ROBINSON: I think, as far as Donald Trump is concerned, you are,


MATTHEWS: If you look like a Muslim, you`re a Muslim, I guess.

ROBINSON: So what he has done politically is drawn a line, right?
And you have Donald Trump over here, and you`ve got everybody else on the
other side. You`ve got the other Republicans and President Obama.

And it also – and it basically highlights the fact that when you
actually look at the proposals that the other Republican candidates have
for fighting ISIS, it`s basically the same as President Obama`s. They want
to talk tough but…

MATTHEWS: OK, well, that…

ROBINSON: … they want to do the same stuff.


ROBINSON: Except for Lindsey Graham, who wants to invade. But it
draws this sharp line, and I think that`s potentially good for Trump.

MATTHEWS: In following the play-by-play, which I`m doing right now –
not the color of the game, but the play-by-play right now – last night,
the president said that terrorism is a cancer with no immediate cure.
Today, Trump comes along and says, I got a cure. Slam the door on them.

There`s a direct – I mean, I thought that was very interesting, the
different theater here.

ROBINSON: Oh, I think…

MATTHEWS: One guy says, Calm down, the other guy says, I got a show
for you.

ROBINSON: No, it`s…

MATTHEWS: We`re going to kick them out the door.

ROBINSON: Exactly. Exactly. And again, it sharpens this
contradiction. It means nobody`s going to get to the right of him on the
“Muslim menace,” you know? I mean, they`re just not going to do it, just
the way nobody`s ever going to get to the right of him…


ROBINSON: … on immigration in general.

MATTHEWS: We`re on the eve of the eve (ph). We`re about to go into
Christmas. There`s been Hanukkah now already. And we`re into this holiday
season. People are shopping. There`s going to be a respite from politics
for most people.

That respite will end about the day after New Year`s, two days after
New Year`s, when we get back on that Monday, the 4th. Every – then
politics will start again. But then it`s only about three weeks before the
caucuses. We`re getting very close to this being real.

Do you sense out there that the people who say they`re for Trump are
any less committed than they were two, three months ago?

COSTA: Some of the most engaged voters in Iowa perhaps taking a look
elsewhere. But when it comes to nationally, Trump is speaking to the anger
in the Republican Party. He`s contrasting exactly what the president said
last night about being welcome to Muslims in this country. Trump is doing
the exact opposite.

MATTHEWS: He`s pulling out the welcome mat.

COSTA: He`s pulling out the welcome mat.

MATTHEWS: We don`t want them.

COSTA: The Republican for the Republican Party at this moment is that
no one`s spending ads against Trump. There`s not a plan against Trump.
They may have chastising tweets. They may have statements against Trump.
Is that enough?

MATTHEWS: I love that. That`s like hanging chads.

ROBINSON: Exactly.


MATTHEWS: I don`t think that`s going to hurt this guy because I`m
looking at polls that show of all the candidates – and this will – this
will disrupt the thinking of progressives, certainly – of all the
candidates, he has this – maybe not for Hillary Clinton, but he has the
strongest stick-to-itiveness.


MATTHEWS: These people who are with him are with him!

ROBINSON: They`re with him.

MATTHEWS: And they don`t want to hear problems.

ROBINSON: And there are a lot of them. There`s 25 to 30 percent of
the party with him. And as long as they stick with him, he`s going to do
very well in this big field in Iowa. He`s going to do very well in New
Hampshire. He`s going to do very well in South Carolina. And then where
are we?

MATTHEWS: Let`s talk about any kind of notion of Christian or
Christian – Judeo-Christian belief in morality. He says, almost like Tony
Soprano or somebody, that we got to go after the families of terrorists. I
mean, where – that`s something we usually don`t do in the Western world
generally, go kill families.

Look, on Sunday, Trump said on “Face the Nation” that he didn`t trust
the sister of San Bernardino attacker Syed Farook and said that as
president, he`d target those families – target them! I`m not sure what
that means, but here he is.


families because the families know what`s happening.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His sister said she didn`t know what was going on.
She was crestfallen for the victims here…

TRUMP: I probably don`t believe the sister.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t believe the sister. So you`d go after

TRUMP: I would go after a lot of people and I`d find out whether or
not they knew. I`d be able to find out. Because I don`t believe the
sister. You know, they say they don`t mind dying. I think they do mind
dying. But I can tell you this. They want their families left alone. We
have to stop terrorism.


MATTHEWS: That`s how tough he`s getting.

Now we`re going to go live to him now in South Carolina, Donald Trump.

TRUMP: It`s the cheapest thing we can do, the cheapest thing, instead
of fighting these wars that we don`t know what we`re doing and we have
leaders that are afraid to do anything. We`re going to make it so brave,
so strong that people (INAUDIBLE) they`re not messing (ph) – they`re not

And we`re going to take care of our great vets, our wounded warriors.
We`re going to take care of them.


TRUMP: Because they – thank you. They are not being taken care of.
We have illegal immigrants being taken care of better than our incredible
veterans. And it`s not going to happen any longer.


TRUMP: Not going to happen. Not going to happen!

So with ISIS – Trump 46 percent. Can you imagine that, with all
these characters running, on foreign policy, Trump way up. And you know,
in theory, you could say, Well, maybe it`s not my thing, but people want to
see strong. They want to see strength. They want to see protection. They
want to be protected. And that`s it!

I watched last night, and I watched a president truly that didn`t know
what he was doing.


TRUMP: He didn`t know why he was there. He refuses to use the term
“radical Islamic terrorism.” He refuses to use the term! I don`t even
know if he knows what the hell is going on! I really don`t.


TRUMP: And then we`re looking at Hillary Clinton. And honestly, I
know Hillary. It`s just going to be an extension of Obama, I think maybe
worse. She`s got no strength. She`s got no stamina. Remember that. You
don`t need a president with no strength or stamina when we`re being ripped
off on trade, we`re being ripped off on “Obama care,” which is going to be
repealed and replaced by something really good…


TRUMP: … when our soldiers aren`t being taken care of, when our
military has never been like it is today. One of the generals was on
television, as usual, saying that we`re the least prepared now than any
time that he`s ever seen it, and he`s been there a long time, retiring.
That`s how we are, in the most dangerous world we`ve ever had because of
the power of weapons.

We have people that don`t know – they`re not – I`m telling you, I
watch them. I watch these generals being interviewed. Do you think
General George Patton would be interviewed? Do you think – (INAUDIBLE)
they`ll be interviewed after total and complete victory. General Douglas
MacArthur – they`re (ph) not big for interview. You know, they shoot
first, they talk later. These guys…


TRUMP: These guys – and I don`t think we`ll have to. You know, just
so you understand – Bush. Bush. He said yesterday, he was being
interviewed. He said that he was – he was talking about me. He was
saying the nicest things about me. Of course, he said he`ll be elected.
He`s at what, 3 percent, right?


TRUMP: No, but he said some things – it was, like – I said, Who
says that about an opponent? You don`t say those things. You`ll find out
what he said. But he said very nice things.

But if you look at what happens, where he is upset with me because he
says the tone – the tone of Donald Trump is not nice.


TUR: And I say it all the time. We have people whose heads are being
chopped off in the Middle East because they`re Christian, and for other
reasons. They`re being dunked and drowned in steel cages. And we talk
about my tone. Hillary said the same thing. Mr. Trump`s tone is not nice.
These people are living in a different planet, a different planet.


TRUMP: And remember what I said about Hillary. We need somebody
who`s strong. We need somebody with incredible energy, but incredible
intelligence and all of those things. You know, I know a lot of tough
people, but they`re not smart. That`s no good. They`re easy. We need
tough. We need smart. We need like – we are so far behind the 8-ball in
this country.

We ow $19 trillion. The budget they signed two weeks ago is going to
make it $21 trillion. It`s a – think of it, trillion, trillion, trillion
dollars. Who the hell ever heard of the 10 years ago? There was no such

We owe $21 trillion in the very near future. We`re really in trouble.
We have to rebuild our country. We have to rebuild our infrastructure. We
have to rebuild our military. And yet we do deals with China, where
there`s a trade imbalance of over $400 billion a year in their favor, by
the way, in case you had any question.

Japan – they send the cars by the millions, $70 billion a year
imbalance. That`s, like, a loss. You look at Mexico. We`re going to
build a wall. It will be a real wall. It will be a real wall!


TRUMP: Going to happen. It`s going to happen.

The people I`m dealing with – and you know, I really focus on Hillary
later because I have to get through these 15 people. You know, there`s 15
of us. I had Perry came at me strong. He went down. I had Governor
Walker, nice guy, he went down. Every guy that attacks me, so far, they`ve
all gone down. We`ve got to keep it that way, right?


TRUMP: I mean, Lindsey Graham, he`s got zero! He`s at zero!


TRUMP: Zero! Think of – let me ask you a question. I don`t get
Lindsey Graham. I don`t get him. He`s literally…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t, either!

TRUMP: He says, “We don`t either.”


TRUMP: He`s literally at zero. You see it. And he keeps talking.
He gets so much television. I mean, he`s on television all the time, and
he doesn`t go up. He`s at zero, folks. His ideas are so bad. I`m more
militaristic than him, but I know how to win. He doesn`t. He wants to
just attack everything. He doesn`t know where the hell – and he always
sits with John McCain. It`s like they`re the Bobbsy twins. They`re always
sitting together.


TRUMP: No, it`s true. Did you ever notice? Some time ,I want to see
him by himself. He`s always sitting with John McCain, who`s fine. I`m not
knocking it. But you`ve got to know what to do.

Now me, I was against the war in Iraq. So everyone says, Oh, do you
have the right – I have a great temperament. But you`ve got to attack
(INAUDIBLE) do something (INAUDIBLE) know what you`re doing.

I said if you attack a rat and you wipe it out, Iran is going to take
over the entire Middle East because you`re going to ruin the balance. It
was so simple to me. And actually, they sent a group from the White House
to see me because I got so much publicity, so much publicity that they sent
a group from the White House, see Mr. Trump. See if you – I said,
fellows, you`re going to have Iran take over the Middle East. And that`s
what`s happening. And Iran is going to take over Iraq sure as you`re
sitting there.

And by the way, Iraq with the second largest oil reserves anywhere in
the world. We lost thousands of lives. We have wounded warriors, who I
love, all over the place – $2 trillion. We have nothing. We got nothing.
We got absolutely nothing!

And we left. And we have a president shouldn`t have been there, but
then we shouldn`t have left the way we left.




AUDIENCE: Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

TRUMP: Thank you. That`s all right. Treat her very nicely, please.
I don`t even know what she said, but whatever it was. I don`t know what
she said, but whatever it is, but treat her nicely. Thank you very much.
All right. Treat her nicely. Thank you.

You know, they have a system now. They will have four people. We
were interrupted four times one night a couple of weeks ago. And they will
have four people, one person at a time. And they will scream something.

And then the next day, the press will say, protesters. You have
thousands of people here tonight, and they will talk about three or four
people. In that case , it`s one. That person had a very weak voice.


TRUMP: What a weak voice.


TRUMP: Strange. Strange. It`s too bad.

You know, the funny thing is, I look at Democrats and liberals and
conservatives, Republicans. Wouldn`t it be good for all of us if we could
get together and really make our country great again?


TRUMP: Isn`t that what we want to do?


TRUMP: I will bet you that if I spoke to that young woman that –
quickly, I really think I could convince her that we`re all in this
together, folks.

We want to have a strong country, right? We have to have – Pastor,
stand up. And what a good guy this is.

You have been so great to me, and a pastor and a great guy. He has
been so great to me. I appreciate it, Pastor. Thank you. Thank you.


TRUMP: But, you know, if you think about it – and you have some that
can never be satisfied, no matter what. They`re just troublemakers, et
cetera, et cetera.

But most people aren`t and they believe something. And I have some
very smart friends don`t agree with me. They agree with the other side.

But I really believe that if you are talking about making America
great, we have to be strong, we have to be vigilant. And if we`re not



TRUMP: That was the same person.

I got to tell you, so far, the security is not doing a great job in
here. I will tell you that.


TRUMP: That was the same person. You can do it very nice, but why
don`t you get her out? Because, honestly, it`s inappropriate.

So, security, strengthen yourself up. See?


TRUMP: Our country has this kind of security. That`s the problem

All right, get her out. Please. Thank you. Treat her very nicely,
please. But she should now be taken out. Same person. One person. It`s
one person. They let her out, they give her a second chance and the same
thing happens.

But you would think, you would think that everybody, we`re all in the
same basket, that everybody, every single person…

CROWD: Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!
Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

TRUMP: All right, so, I have a lot of time. Does everybody have a
lot of time tonight?


TRUMP: I don`t want the person to be hurt, but I will tell you,
security is very weak. I can`t believe these security people.

One person, one person, and we have wasted five minutes. All right,
get them out. Thank you.


TRUMP: So, would you think that, if we could get together, we would
all be in the same boat.

Now, last night, we all saw and we witnessed something that I thought
was highly inappropriate. In fact, I tweeted, “Is that all there is?”
about the president`s speech.

And I wrote something today that I think is very, very salient, very
important, and probably not politically correct, but I don`t care.


TRUMP: You know we had a situation in California very recently where
somebody was making bombs in an apartment. The mother saw him. The mother
didn`t notice anything wrong.

I watched the sister being interviewed. Believe me, in my opinion,
she was lying like crazy. I watched that interview.


TRUMP: Oh, my brother was such a wonderful guy. I didn`t know, I
didn`t know, I didn`t know. And I watched the next-door neighbor saying,
oh, well, we didn`t report them because we didn`t want to racially profile
or we didn`t want to profile. Give me a break. Give me a break.

We`re like the stupid country in so many different ways. So, can you
imagine what our great leaders of the past would have said with the kind of
crap that`s happening with us? They didn`t want to report them because
they thought it was profiling. Oh, OK, they saw bombs, they saw the pipe
bombs. Oh, this wasn`t to build a bathroom. When a bomb is this long, got
to put too many of them together for a bathroom, right?


TRUMP: And we thought they may be, but we didn`t want to racially
profile them. oh, OK, you`re OK. You`re innocent.

Or how about where the families and the girlfriends and the wives and
everything, they go back with World Trade Center, the worst – worse than
Pearl Harbor, because, with the World Trade Center, they were killing
innocent civilians. At least, while it was a dirty, rotten sneak attack,
at least – at least they were attacked – wow, that was a hell of a…


TRUMP: Thank goodness he`s on my side.


TRUMP: But, while it was an attack, at least it was military.

But this was an attack on the World Trade Center. So, what`s happened
is, we`re out of control. We have no idea who is coming into our country.
We have no idea if they love us or if they hate us. We have no idea if
they want to bomb us. We have no idea what`s going on.

And then I looked at poll numbers, and I don`t mean polls where I`m
winning. Those numbers, I like looking at. These numbers, I hated to look
at. And it`s very, very sad. I will go after some of the numbers; 25
percent of those polls – and this was from the Center for Security Policy,
very highly respected group of people, who I know, actually.

This is people living in this country; 25 percent of those polls
agreed violence against Americans is justified, as Muslims, 25 percent; 51
percent – these are Muslims living in this country. By the way, I have
friends that are Muslims. They`re great people. But they know we have a
problem. They know we have a real problem, because something`s going on.
And we can`t put up with it, folks. We can`t put up with it.

Fifty-one percent, 51 percent, highly respected number of polling
groups, want to be governed according to Sharia. You know what Sharia is.
So, I wrote this out. The mainstream media wants to surrender the
Constitution, the mainstream media. These people back here, they are the
worst. They are so dishonest.


TRUMP: No, no. They`re so dishonest.


TRUMP: They are so dishonest.

I mean, I had one from NBC, a reporter from NBC, and actually another
one, I think, from CBS. They actually – in Columbus, Ohio, I had a
tremendous crowd, like 10,000 people. It was a lovefest. It went on for a
long time. Everybody stayed right until the end, right until the end.

I had one of the politicians, Kasich, who is just – he`s a horrible
debater. To me, he`s a horrible – he made a statement that, oh, they left
after 10 minutes.

Now, the press was there, they saw it. Nobody says it was a lie. It
was a total lie. In fact, I had more people at the end than I had at the
beginning. Nobody is leaving. Nobody is leaving here, except for the one
person that was screaming.


TRUMP: So, we asked the press to report that it was total lie. And
they don`t want to do that, because it`s not the thing to do.

You know, we get the biggest crowds. They don`t want to show this
crowd tonight. They`re not going to show all the people outside trying to
get in. They don`t do that. They have the cameras right in my face.

I say, fan the crowd just to show them. Look at all the people over
here. It`s a record in the history of the ship.


TRUMP: But they don`t show it. They don`t show it.


TRUMP: No, no. And I say fan it, I say fan it, and they never, ever
fan it. I say fan the crowd. They never fan it.

And yet I guarantee you that young woman that just got taken out after
interrupting us three times, I guarantee the cameras will be on her. I
guarantee. It`s disgusting. It`s disgusting.


TRUMP: So we talk about the media, the major – and, by the way, some
of the media`s terrific, but most of it, 70 percent, 75 percent, is
absolute dishonest, absolute scum.

Remember that, scum, scum. They`re totally dishonest people.


TRUMP: I had one the other day where I finished the speech, and they
said, oh, Trump was interrupted and he left early.

Like, I – I spoke like for 45, 50 minutes. I then answered question
– questions. And then I went around and did – you know, everybody knew
it was false. Amazingly, there`s a media group that calls the media. And
the next day, they did the most beautiful story about what a lie it was
from NBC.

She`s back there, little Katy. She`s back there. What a lie it was.


TRUMP: No. What a lie – Katy Tur. What a lie it was from NBC to
have written that. It was a total lie.

And they did a story where they – I didn`t know they had a group like
this – where they actually criticized the media. And they said it was a
total lie. And I loved it. I loved it. I loved it.

And then other people pick it up. It`s NBC, so somebody picks it up.
Third-rate reporter, remember that. Third-rate. Third-rate.


TRUMP: So, I said here, the mainstream media wants to surrender our
Constitution and our constitutional rights. And I don`t want that. I want
ISIS to surrender. OK?


TRUMP: I want ISIS to surrender. Very simple. It`s very simple.

So, here`s what happened. It`s been a little bit of a controversial
day. It`s been a great day, because the poll numbers are through the roof.
I like that. But I have more of – I wish we could call – is there any
way we can call the election tomorrow? Wouldn`t we love that?


TRUMP: Now they`re coming at us in full force. They`re coming –
they`re not coming at me. They`re coming at all of us. They`re coming at
all of us, because we have a noisy majority.

They used to call it the quiet majority. People are fed up. They`re
fed up with incompetence. They are fed up with stupid leaders. They are
fed up with stupid people.


TRUMP: They are fed up with stupid people, where our president makes
a deal for Sergeant Bergdahl, a dirty rotten no-good traitor…


TRUMP: … who – think of it – they knew he was a traitor, because
a general and a colonel went to see his group.

Six people were killed looking for him, OK? Six people were killed,
young, unbelievable. I watched the parents on television. I have seen the
parents. But I watched the parents on television devastated, will never be
the same. They left to try and bring him back. He left. He deserted.

You know, in the old days, when we were a strong country, it would be
boom, gone. It was called desertion.


TRUMP: Now, the other day, I heard they won`t even do anything to
him. Can you believe it? They think he`s going to get away with nothing.
He`s going to have nothing.

So, he left. Oh, they treated him pretty rough, though. He got in
there. He said, I shouldn`t have done this. This isn`t working out the
way – this isn`t working out the way I thought.

Anyway, so we get him back. And here`s the deal with me. We get a
dirty no-good traitor, six people killed trying to find him. They get five
of their greatest killers that they have been after – after – think of it
– for six years. In fact, I hear nine years.

So they get these total – right now have gone. They`re out on the
battlefield trying to kill everybody in front of them, including you folks,
I hate to tell you.

So we get Bergdahl, and they get five of the killers that they have
wanted for many years. That`s the way we do it.

The Iran deal, we gave them $150 billion. It`s called amateur night.
We gave them $150 billion; 24 days, 24 days – we think there`s something
wrong – 24 days we have to wait, but it`s much longer than that, because
there is a whole process before the clock starts ticking. So it could be

But the best is where they have the right to self-inspect. Are you
doing nuclear weapons over there? Oh, we will inspect tomorrow. Oh, no,
we`re not doing nuclear weapons.


TRUMP: You know, the Persians are great negotiators. Always have
been. And somebody would say that`s profiling. Trust me, they`re great

And Kerry is a horrible negotiator. And Obama is a horrible
negotiator, horrible. He`s a horrible negotiator.


TRUMP: These people are horrible.


TRUMP: I always thought Obama would be a unifier. I never thought of
him as being like a divider, because I said, you know what? I don`t think
he`s going to be a good president. I backed McCain. He lost, by the way.

And, you know, I don`t blame McCain for losing, because a lot of bad
things were happening. That was a tough one. But I backed McCain. He
lost. I backed Romney. He should have won, but he sort of went away on
vacation or something the last month, and he lost.

And I said, this time, I`m going to do it myself. We`re not going to


TRUMP: We`re not – we`re not losing.

And the recent FOX poll that just came out has me beating Hillary very
easily one-on-one. I love that.


TRUMP: I love it. That`s so important.

So we put out a statement today. We watched this. And it`s
impossible to watch this gross incompetence that I watched last night. And
we put out a statement a little while ago. And these people are going


TRUMP: They won`t report it properly. Should I read you the


TRUMP: Donald J. Trump is calling for – now, listen. You got to
listen to this.

This is pretty, pretty heavy stuff. And it`s common sense. And we
have to do it. Remember the poll numbers, 25 percent, 51 percent.
Remember the poll numbers. OK? So, remember this. So, listen.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of
Muslims entering the United States until our country`s representatives can
figure out what the hell is going on.”


TRUMP: We have no choice. We have no choice. We have no choice.

According to Pew Research, among others, there is a great hatred
toward Americans by large segments of the Muslim population. Most
recently, a poll from Center for Security Policy released data showing 25
percent of those polled agreed that violence against Americans – these are
people that are here, by the way, people here – 25, not 1 percent.

By the way, 1 percent would be unacceptable. One percent is
unacceptable. Twenty-five percent of those polled agreed that violence
against Americans here in the United States is justified as part – think
of that – as part of the global jihad.


TRUMP: They want to change your religion. I don`t think so. I don`t
think so. I don`t think so – not going to happen – as part of the global

And 51 percent of those polled agreed that Muslims in America should
have the choice of being governed according to Sharia. You know what
Sharia is? Fifty-one percent.


TRUMP: Sharia authorizes – and, look, this is – I mean, it`s
terrible. Sharia authorizes such atrocities as murder against nonbelievers
who won`t convert, beheadings, and more unthinkable acts that pose great
harm to Americans, especially women.

I mean, you look, especially women. Tough stuff. And we have a
president that won`t even mention the term. And you`re talking about
numbers like this.

“Mr. Trump stated, without looking at the various polling data, it`s
obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension” of such a big

“Where the hatred comes from and why, we will have to determine.” We
are going to have to figure it out. We have to figure it out. We can`t
live like this. It`s going to get worse and worse. You are going to have
more World Trade Centers. It`s going to get worse and worse, folks.

We can be politically correct and we can be stupid, but it`s going to
get worse and worse.

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem, and the
dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous
attacks by people that believe only in jihad.”

These are people only believe in jihad. They don`t want our system.
They don`t want our system, and have no sense of reason or respect for
human life. They have no respect for human life.


TRUMP: That`s all right. He sounds like he`s very exhausted. It`s
all right. Yes, he`s tired.

So, they have no respect for human life. So we have to do something.
Now, we can be weak, we can be ineffective. We can be foolish.

It`s all right. It`s all right. I`m sure he`s a nice person. I`m
sure he can be reasoned with. Be very gentle.

You know, whenever I`m tough, the press is, oh, he was nasty.
Whenever I say, be very gentle, they say, he`s not as strong as we thought
he was.

You can`t win. So, I try to cut it down the middle. I try and cut it
down. Be very nice.

So, prior to Paris, which was a disaster, which, by the way, if some
of the people in those places where it was slaughter, absolute slaughter
had guns, you wouldn`t have had the carnage that you had in Paris. You
wouldn`t have had that carnage.


If they had guns, you wouldn`t have had that carnage.


So important the Second Amendment, we have to preserve it and cherish
it. And we can`t let these weak leaders diminish it.

If they had guns in Paris, if five people in that room, Paris and
France has probably the toughest gun laws anywhere in the world and it was
like target practice. Come over here. Boom. Come over here, boom.
People are sitting by the hundreds. And many others are going to be dying.
They`re sitting in a hospital in many cases waiting to die.

Now, same thing a few days ago in California. No guns. We didn`t
have guns. The bad guys had the guns.

And these young people – and I tell the press, you`ve got stop
calling them masterminds. These are dirty rotten scum. These aren`t


Remember the guy in Paris with the big dirty hat? Remember the guy in
Paris, the mastermind. I was watching all the networks. I won`t mention
who but some of them disgusted me.

The mastermind is on the loose. We have kids that are watching the
Internet. They want to be masterminds. Then you wonder why do we lose all
these kids? They go over there. They`re young, impressionable. They go
over there and they want to join ISIS.

And we have our anchors. I think I got them mostly stopped. Did you
notice that? I don`t hear it too much. They say the young mastermind.
Oh, he`s brilliant. He`s brilliant.

I don`t even think he`s got a high IQ. I call him, in Paris, I called
him the guy with the dirty filthy hat. OK? Not a smart guy, a dummy.
Puts people in there, mastermind. Bing, bing, bing, they start shooting
everybody. You`ve got to be a mastermind.

So, the press has to be responsible. They`re not being responsible,
because we are losing a lot of people because of the Internet. And we have
to do something.

We have to go see Bill Gates at a lot of different people, that really
understand what`s happening. You have to talk to them maybe in certain
areas, closing that Internet up in some way. People will say, oh, freedom
of speech, freedom of speech.

These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people. We have a
lot of foolish people.

We`ve got to do something with the Internet because they are
recruiting by the thousands. They`re leaving our country.

When they come back, we take them back. “Oh, come on back. Where
were you?” “I was fighting for ISIS.” “Oh, come on back. Go home. Enjoy

When they leave our country, and they go to fight for ISIS or any of
the other groups, they never come back. They never can come back. They
never can come back.


They can never, ever, ever, ever come back. It`s over. How about

Now they become radicalized. They are totally radicalized. And how
about the woman?

She was in Pakistan, then Saudi Arabia. She brings – she comes in on
an engagement deal and she radicalized the guy.

Probably a guy couldn`t get women. I don`t know what the hell his
problem was. Probably the first woman he ever had. I don`t know what was
going on, but he became radicalized quickly. Notice how easy?

He becomes radicalized. And then they go on a spree.

Folks, those days are over. Those days are over. We have to be
tough. We have to be smart. We have to be vigilant.


Yes. We have to look at mosques. And we have to respect mosques.
But yes, we have to look at mosques. We have no choice. We have to see
what`s happening, because something is happening in there.

Man, there`s anger. There`s anger. We have to know about it.

We can`t be these people that are sitting back like in the World Trade
Center like so many different things. We can`t be people that knew what
was going on two weeks in California, probably months knew what was going
on and didn`t want to tell anybody. We can`t be that. We have to be

When we see violations, you have to report those violations and
quickly. Don`t worry about profiling. I promise I will defend from you
profiling. I promise.


So when I started this whole quest, you know, who knew it was going to
turn into this. It`s been an amazing thing. No matter where I go, I have
tremendous crowds, packed crowds. Packed.

We went Dallas, 20,000 people in Dallas, 25,000 people. I mean, we
have – Mobile, Alabama, 35,000 people. Here, every time I come to South
Carolina, every time I go to North Carolina, every time I go to Iowa, New
Hampshire, Virginia, wherever I go, Florida – we have crowds that are

I mean, the only problem we have is the size of the room. Thousands
of people outside trying to get in. Usually I do a double. I talk to them
for a while, which I don`t exactly love doing after the first one.

But there is unbelievable love in these rooms. All the same.

CROWD MEMBER: I love you, Donald!

TRUMP: I love you, too. I love you. Stand up. Who said it?


TRUMP: Thank you, thank you. Thank you, darling. I love you, too.

There`s an unbelievable love in all of these places. Oklahoma, 20,000
people standing in a park on quick notice. There is an unbelievable love
and there`s an unbelievable love of the country.

We want to see good things. We don`t want to be bad people. We don`t
want to be tough and nasty. And we believe in the Constitution more than

But we can`t let people use and abuse our rights. We can`t let people
kill us. They want to kill us. They want to destroy us. We can`t let it
happen. We just can`t let it happen.

And I have a friend who is a very, very successful man. And I went to
one event. He came with me, with 24,000 people. And this guy is really a
tough cookie, he`s a great financial guy, one of the guys that I definitely
used to negotiate with Japan, China. Believe me, you are going to be in
good shape if that happens. We won`t have these characters.

You know, this whole thing with all of these guys – by the way, I`m
the only one self-funding my campaign. Everyone else is controlled. Only


I`m the only one. Only one.

I`m self-funding my campaign. And these other guys, you know, they`re
getting millions and millions of dollars from people I know.

I have one guy came and wanted to give me a lot of money. Honestly, I
can`t take it. I don`t want to do it. I can`t take it – which is very
sort of me like for me to not take money, my whole money I`ve been taking,
taking. Now I`m like, what am I doing?

But he came and I said, “What are you going to do? I don`t want your
money.” He said, “I`ve got to go someplace else.”

They are like gamblers. They`re like gamblers. Got to go some – I
said, “but you like me best.” “I like you best, but I`m going to go
someplace else.”

Because they want to be part, they want to – so they give – who is
more than me? I gave millions to these guys. Nobody knows the system
better than me. I knew it from the other side.

Don`t forget, I was the fair-haired boy. I was the establishment,
they would come to me, I would give them money. I would write checks
sometimes to senators, whatever the max, bing, bing, bing.

I used to say, senators, don`t come to my office. Anybody that`s a
U.S. senator and calls me, we`ll send you a campaign contribution.

But you know what? I`ll tell you something, in the end, the people
that give these millions of dollars to these horrible corrupt PACs, they`re
corrupt. They totally control Bush, and Rubio – I won`t say Cruz because
he`s been very nice to me.


TRUMP: No, but he`s been nice. I can`t – he`s got to hit me first.
Once he hits me, I promise you. I promise you.

No, I`ve been nice to Christie but he really hit me today. Chris
Christie, I mean, I don`t know. He`s a friend of mine, but he`s not doing
well in the polls and he really, really hit me today.

He hated this. Yet, he said anybody could come. You got to look at
some of the statements from the past. But he really hit me on the whole
thing with we have to stop the Muslims until we find out what`s going on.

Does that make sense, by the way?


And he talked about that`s an experience – in other words, he has
experience. That`s the statement of an inexperienced man. The statement I
made about we have to stop people that want to kill us from coming in.
Does that sound like inexperience?

So, Chris, who`s a friend of mine, he hit me hard. And I said, I`ve
got to hit him at least once. So, I won`t do this a lot. But look, here`s
the story.


The George Washington Bridge, he knew about it. Hey. How do you have
breakfast with people every day of your lives, they`re closing up the
largest bridge in the world, the biggest in the United States, traffic
flowing, during rush hour, people couldn`t get across for six, seven hours,
ambulances, fire trucks.

They`re with him all the time, the people that did it. They never
said, hey, boss, we`re closing up the George Washington Bridge tonight.
They never said it. They`re talking about the weather, right?

Then – so, he knew about it. He knew about it. Totally knew about
it. He has a very friendly group of people over there that they don`t
think so. But, I don`t know, look, it`s called life. You`ve got to be
smart in life.

I would say there`s less than 1 percent chance – could be but I doubt
it. He knew about it. They`ve mentioned – they didn`t mention at one of
their meetings? I think they had breakfast every day or every other day.
They didn`t say, Chris, tonight we`re closing up the George Washington
Bridge because the mayor of a certain area is against you. Oh, OK. They
didn`t mention it. Nobody believes that.

Number two, nine downgrades of the state. Nine downgrades, it`s a
disaster. I have property over there. The taxes are through – I`ll use
an expression, coming out of my ears, OK? Tremendous taxes over there.

He had nine downgrades. You had Christie, you know, so friendly with
President Obama during the flood.

I actually called, I said, “Let me ask you, is he going to vote for
Obama? I thought he was going to vote for Obama.” I don`t know. I think
he possibly did.

And, Romney, I was very disappointed. One of the reasons I was
disappointed was he called Christie and they had dinner right after the
election. If Christie did that to me, I would have never spoken to him
again. I would have never done it.

So, when Chris talks about – when he talks about lack of experience,
I built this incredible company, I filed papers, everyone is saying, “Wow!
That is unbelievable.” I probably would have filed them if I didn`t run
because I built a great, great company, tremendous cash, tremendous assets,
tremendous net worth, very little debt, unbelievable cash flow, and I

Everybody said, number one, he won`t run. And I ran. I took a deep
breath. I went, let`s go, to my wife. We came down the escalator, right?
The famous escalator.

Hopefully in many years, that will be a very famous thing because we
will have turned around our country and that will be a positive note, OK?


But – then they said, oh, well, he announced. All these talking
heads, most of whom are not even smart people, believe me.

Then they said, well, they went to Ivy League college. So did I go to
Ivy League college. They went to this. Most of them did go to Ivy League
colleges, by the way.

They say they`re brilliant. One is brilliant because he wears
glasses, you know? Like Perry. Remember Perry?

But what happens, what happens, they say, “Well, never filed form A.”
That`s basically where you sign your life away. I filed form A.

Then they said, “Well, he`ll never sign his financial statement
because maybe he`s not as rich as everybody thinks.” What they don`t know,
and then they said, “And if he does, he`ll ask for many, many delays
because you`re entitled to 45-day delays and delays. You can delay until
ever. And he`ll delay it until after the election.” I said no. So I
filed it ahead of schedule.

And what happened? Remember? They went down, they couldn`t believe
it. It was much, much, much better than anybody ever – I built a great

And the reason, honestly, worth billions and billions of dollars.
Remember that – low debt, great cash flow. The greatest assets, Doral,
Trump Tower –

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: Well, that`s Donald Trump, of course,
doing whatever it is.

Robert Costa is here and Gene Robinson joining us right now. Also,
Malcolm Nance is going to join us right now.

We`re going to start perhaps with some of the political statements
tonight. “I`m going to somehow cut down on the Internet to stop any kind
of bad efforts by the terrorists to use the Internet.” How would you do

ROBERT COSTA, THE WASHINGTON POST: It`s an infrequent thing for Trump
to talk about on the campaign trail. He`s talking about stopping free
speech. He mentioned Bill Gates perhaps cutting Internet being exported
across the border. This is new territory.


COSTA: New territory.


addition to the great wall of Mexico, he`ll build a great fire wall –

MATTHEWS: Malcolm, would that work in any way? I mean, in any
serious way could you curtail dangerous traffic on the Internet and leave
the free speech we enjoy to our people? Could you do both?

MALCOLM NANCE: No, absolutely not. What`s he going to do? Is he
going to shut down the Internet?

You know, there`s another world outside the United States that is
completely and wholly independent of us. It`s good rhetoric, but not going
to work.

MATTHEWS: OK, back to the crazy – I mean, not crazy but the
political fire power. There is an act here that works.

First of all, he decided to mow down Governor Christie by saying he
knew – less than 1 percent chance – 99 percent that Governor Christie
knew. The way he made the case was very convincing. He works every day
with Megyn Kelly – not Megyn Kelly, Bridget Kelly. They work together and
have a meal together, and you don`t think he or she ever mentioned the fact
that we`re shutting down the bridge to punish the mayor of Fort Lee?

COSTA: Christie insists he did not know. But the political
consequences of Trump`s statement, Christie has been rising in New
Hampshire. Trump wants to hold on to New Hampshire in case he loses Iowa,
somehow Cruz –


MATTHEWS: Christie is back on defense, right?

ROBINSON: Yes, he puts Christie back on defense. Exactly.

And so, you know, the pretext was that Christie attacked him today for
his statement about keeping all Muslims out. In fact, other candidates
also attacked Trump. He chose to go after Christie, and I think that`s the
reason. I think he wants to bring him down a peg.

MATTHEWS: He talked about the regular political people being on a
different planet. I think I know what he`s talking about. The political
Republican establishment and the Democratic world of Hillary Clinton have
left a vast opening in the middle for this guy. White working class guys,
whatever they are. I didn`t get a good look at the audience tonight, who
they were.

COSTA: South Carolina Republicans, working class Republicans. When
he says different world, he`s talking about finger-wagging Republican
establishment and he is saying I`m separate from that.

MATTHEWS: Well, let`s go to Katy Tur.

Katy, are you used to this kind of trash talk from him?

KATY TUR, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: I`m sorry. Repeat that one more
time. It`s hard to hear you –

MATTHEWS: I`m trying to couch this in the most politically correct
way. Are you used to the trash talk that Donald Trump threw at you

TUR: I can`t understand you. I`m sorry, Chris.

To give you context of how this went down about the Muslim bent he
spoke about. He read from statements saying this is very serious stuff. I
got done with it, and the crowd went wild, standing ovation.

They do support this idea of banning all Muslims from coming into this
country. That does according to Donald Trump`s campaign include people
that are coming in on tourist visas. People who want to come and visit New
York or visit Washington, D.C., or visit any of the other various places in
this country.

It also includes, according to the campaign, Muslim-Americans,
American citizens who might be abroad. I`m not sure if that means if they
were abroad visiting family or abroad going on vacation themselves, whether
they would be able to get back into this country.

I am also not entirely sure if that means they would start to try to
deport people or – I don`t think it actually could happen. It`s certainly
illegal and could potentially be unconstitutional. In terms of the Muslim
ban, that is playing well with this crowd here in South Carolina.

MATTHEWS: Thank you so much, Katy Tur, in South Carolina. It was
very professional of her. But I guess she didn`t hear what he was saying
about her. I`m sure she did.

ROBINSON: I`m sure she heard.

MATTHEWS: What do you make of this sort of working the refs, Gene?

ROBINSON: Well, that was interesting. He spent a good chunk of the
speech going after the press.

MATTHEWS: By name.


COSTA: Called them dumb.


ROBINSON: Called them scum, scum, scum. I mean, look, attacking the
press has been popular with the Republican base for a long time. He is
kind of doubling down on that.

It`s one of the riffs in a riff-filled speech that tried to hit as
many buttons as possible.

MATTHEWS: Let me go to Malcolm on this.

Malcolm Nance, the Republican right, it`s generally a common theme of
theirs, they keep hitting the president for not using the frame “radical
Islamic terrorism”. Now, we all know he talks about it, but doesn`t like
the phrase because it seems to imply that we`re fighting a religion. Why
do they insist he use the phrase? Simply because he won`t use it?

NANCE: No. I think they believe that Islam itself and the tenets
that are espoused by groups that they say like ISIS and Hamas, they think
Islam itself is radical and that these people are radical.

ISIS is not radical Islam. This is not Islam. ISIS is a cult that is
a segment that is completely un-Islamic. Even though the Muslim
jurisprudential organizations will tell you that.

And by using this dangerous rhetoric – I need to say this – this
endangers our service members overseas. This endangers our intelligence
officers who are trying to defend us with our allies. This rhetoric is
absolutely not going to play well in our allies` capitals but plays very
well in Raqqa, Syria, where ISIS has their headquarters.

MATTHEWS: You nailed it. Thanks so much Malcolm Nance for joining us
and getting that point through.

Thank you very much, Gene Robinson, as always, Robert Costa, and
Malcolm Nance.

And that`s HARDBALL for now. Thanks for being with us.

“ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES” starts right now.


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