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Too Young to Die: Shane Nichols

09/26/14 09:02AM

The seven-year-old enjoyed walking along a nearby track and collecting insects to save in containers he labeled "Shane Nichols' bugs." read more

Too Young to Die: Justin Ingle

09/12/14 09:37AM

Justin Ingle was always one to smile and crack jokes spontaneously. While his father shopped inside Wal-Mart, the 12-year-old boy often walked around the store with a video camera and took selfies with strangers. read more

Too Young to Die: Michael Ayers

02/28/14 03:41PM

The two-year-old toddler browsed Sears and Lowe's catalogs, urging his mother to buy a leaf blower to avoid raking the yard. read more

Too Young to Die: Zainee Hailey

02/05/14 05:02PM

The 13-year-old honor-roll student recently had begun breaking from her shy demeanor by cheer-leading and singing in her church's youth choir. read more

Too Young to Die: Brandon McCall

01/31/14 08:07AM

Brandon McCall, 17, once gave his girlfriend balloons tied with pictures and a note that read: "You're the best thing to ever happen to me." read more

Too Young to Die: Dalton McConathy

11/26/13 07:45AM

Dalton McConathy, 17, raised chickens in his bedroom, sneaked pigs into the house under his jacket, and held stingrays that floated ashore at the beach. read more

Too Young to Die: Camryn Shultz

11/21/13 11:15AM

Camryn Shultz, almost 2, practically ran all over the house after she conquered crawling and walking, but never without her stuffed Disney sidekick. read more