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Unfiltered voices from Trump's crowds

Unfiltered voices from Trump's crowds

08/04/16 02:49PM

New York Times reporters have documented the crowds at Donald Trump's rallies for over a year. Erica Berenstein, one of the producers of the video, joins Thomas Roberts to discuss. watch

Trump capable of being calm and collected?

Is Donald Trump capable of staying calm and collected?

08/03/16 02:44PM

Some say Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve as president. California Representative Karen Bass joins MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to explain that Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated his inability to maintain composure in the face of criticism. watch

Did DNC show difference between two parties?

Did DNC show big difference between two parties?

08/03/16 02:18PM

Are the differences between the Democratic and Republican Parties clearer than ever? California Senator Barbara Boxer explains this, and also whether recent allegations against the White House will thwart Hillary Clinton’s momentum. watch

Does Trump have a bumpy road ahead?

Does Trump have a bumpy road ahead?

08/03/16 10:44AM

Francesca Chambers, Daily Mail White House correspondent, and Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post columnist, discuss the growing list of Republicans who are supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. watch

Documentary examines big money donors

HBO documentary looks at big money donors

08/02/16 02:55PM

Alexandra Pelosi, documentary filmmaker and daughter of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, joins MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to discuss her documentary's look behind the scenes of big money political donors. watch


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