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Day of demonstrations begin

Day of demonstrations begin

08/10/15 01:29PM

Eugene O’Donnell, former New York City police officer and professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, joins Thomas Roberts on the shooting that disrupted a protest marking the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. watch

Family questions shooting death of teen by...

Family questions shooting death of teen by police

08/07/15 02:43PM

Paul and Angie Hammond, the parents of Zachary Hammond, a teen shot and killed by police in South Carolina, join Thomas Roberts with their attorney. They question the circumstances of the shooting, and whether race plays a role in reactions to the case. watch

Jon Stewart's Swan Song

Jon Stewart's Swan Song

08/07/15 01:53PM

New York Times culture reporter David Itzkoff joins Thomas Roberts on the anticipated cultural void left by the end of “The Daily Show,” which aired for its final time Thursday. watch

Ben Stein on Donald Trump

Ben Stein on Donald Trump

08/06/15 02:31PM

Author, economist, actor, and commentator Ben Stein shares his opinions on Donald Trump, including questioning what his specific plans are for implementing his political positions. watch

MH370 found?

MH370 found?

08/06/15 02:17PM

Aviation expert Anthony C. Roman joins Thomas Roberts on the latest debris found on Reunion Island, whether it may be from flight MH370, and the next steps in the investigation as the search for the missing plane continues. watch

Countdown to debate night in Cleveland

Countdown to debate night in Cleveland

08/06/15 01:58PM

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, then "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, join Thomas Roberts on tonight’s GOP debate and whether Donald Trump will be a "summer fling" -- as Rick Santorum put it -- or dominate the political season. watch

Candidates prepare for national spotlight

17 candidates prepare for national spotlight

08/06/15 01:00PM

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Kasie Hunt join Thomas Roberts on the countdown to the first GOP debate tonight in Cleveland. Then Politico’s chief political columnist Roger Simon and White House Correspondent for The Wall Street Journal Carol Lee discuss... watch


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