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The Agenda: Rep. Steve Cohen dismayed by paternity results


Today’s agenda was led today by yet another Twitter-fueled political scandal. This time it was sparked by Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, who tweeted a 24-year-old woman: “Nice to know you were watching the State of the Union. Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Girl,” he said, adding “I-L-U”–twitterspeak for I love you.

The tweet to the aspiring swimsuit model sparked talk that Cohen was having an affair, but soon after he deleted the statement, Cohen tweeted an explanation:

“The young lady was my daughter. And it was most appropriate that I responded to her and told her I loved her, and which I do.”

Cohen claimed that the mystery woman, Victoria Brink, was a daughter he conceived out of wedlock. Cohen claimed that he discovered 24-year-old Victoria Brink was his daughter three and a half years ago after doing a Google search on her mother, but he never sought a paternity test.

It was not until CNN provided a paternity test to Brink that it was determined that John Brink, a Houston oil executive, was her real biological father. Cohen reportedly paid for the test  at Victoria Brink’s request.

Cohen took to Twitter to thank his supporters:

“2 those who have been understanding/supportive thru this drama(NOT scandal) thank you!difficult to endure,and with press-worse! #Memphis rest.”