Ouch! Young people see GOP as ‘closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned’


Say what you will about youth voters, but one thing’s for sure:  they don’t sugarcoat their feelings.

The College Republican National Committee on Monday issued the latest post-mortem report on the GOP’s 2012 loss, this one focusing on how the Republican brand failed to strike a chord with the under-29 crowd.

Citing a series of surveys and focus groups, the 95-page report found that younger voters tended to view the Republican Party as “closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned,” especially on issues related to gay rights, Latinos, and “outrageous statements made by errant Republican voices.”

Now Republican leaders are once again faced with the dilemma of having to appeal to an electorate, with whom they have virtually nothing in common.

“The interesting thing about this report is it basically lays out this idea that young Republicans agree with pretty much nothing that the party has put forth, as far as their positions on many issues, particularly social issues,” said the Root’s Corey Dade on msnbc Monday. “The party is going to have to be very specific, and very smooth in its ability to shift on these issues to actually get this younger generation on board.”

Watch host Thomas Roberts discuss the latest on this report, Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation, with Monday’s Agenda panel:  ThinkProgress.org’s Igor Volsky, the New Yorker’s Amy Davidson, and the Root’s Corey Dade.

Ouch! Young people see GOP as 'closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned'