New Dem Charlie Crist backs gay marriage

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist at the University of Southern California's inaugural symposium.
Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist at the University of Southern California's inaugural symposium.
Gus Ruelas/REUTERS

Charlie Crist for marriage equality—and so, the transformation is complete.

The former Florida governor, who went from Republican to independent to Democrat in just two years, became the latest politician to evolve on same-sex marriage Wednesday, when he took to Facebook to announce his support:

“Some great news: On Tuesday, Delaware became the 11th state to allow marriage equality. And just a few days ago, Rhode Island adopted a similar measure, which followed victories last fall in Maine, Maryland and Washington. I most certainly support marriage equality in Florida and look forward to the day it happens here.”

Crist jumped ship from the GOP back in 2010 after losing a primary battle to now-Senator Marco Rubio. He later ran as an independent against Rubio in the general election, but lost by 19 points.

By last December, Crist became a full-blown Democrat. He said he regretted signing a petition in 2006 that called for a same-sex marriage ban.

“Would I do it today? No,” said Crist in December, reports the Tampa Bay Times“I think the best way to judge where my heart is is to look at the deeds that I have done, whether as attorney general, governor–restoration of rights, civil rights cases, things of that nature that I think show a compassionate heart and hopefully someone who cares and knows who the boss is - and the boss is the people of Florida.”

Florida is one of 30 states with a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman. Civil unions and domestic partnerships are also not recognized, athough 75% of Florida voters said they supported at least civil unions for same-sex couples, according to Public Policy Polling.

Crist told a CBS Miami affiliate in March that he was giving “serious thought” to challenging Florida Gov. Rick Scott in 2014.