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NAACP leader: NC voting law is a ‘crime against democracy’


Civil rights activists are up in arms over a newly-signed voting law in North Carolina that many are calling the most restrictive in the nation.

In addition to requiring that voters present valid photo ID at the polls, the law eliminates same-day registration, straight-ticket voting, and a high school program that helps students pre-register ahead of their 18th birthdays. It also significantly reduces the state’s early voting period.
Shortly after signing, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory released a video defending the legislation as a necessary measure to stop voter fraud. But the Rev. Dr. William Barber, president of North Carolina’s chapter of the NAACP, took a different view on msnbc Tuesday:

“This bill is draconian, it’s regressive, it’s a crime against democracy, it is an attempt by [McCrory] and the other extremists to hold onto power by manipulation, and by cheating, and by violating our most fundamental right, which is our right to vote.”

The NAACP along with several other advocacy organizations have filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina’s law. Watch the full interview for more.

NAACP leader: NC voting law is a 'crime against democracy'