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Kmart takes heat for ‘yo mama’ back-to-school ads


It’s hard to turn on the TV in August without encountering an onslaught of back-to-school commercials. So in an apparent effort to stand out, Kmart released a series featuring kids rapping and telling “Yo Mama” jokes—all while sporting Kmart apparel, of course.

Now those ads are causing a stir, with some accusing the retail giant of portraying black children as “thugs,” “gangsters,” and “hoodlums” on the company’s website.

Here’s the rap commercial, featuring the group, Da Rich Kidzz:

And here’s the Yo Mama ad:

A spokesperson for Sears Holdings Corporation, which owns Kmart, responded on Thursday to a request for comment from msnbc:

“We have no concerns about the campaign. With any ad, some people may not be aligned or engaged with it. We stand by our ads and enjoyed working with Da Rich Kidzz.”