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‘Jobs, middle class, growth’ (and cake!) take focus of Obama’s meeting with Dems


“Jobs, middle class, growth.”

That’s the message President Obama said he brought to Capitol Hill Wednesday, one day after his so-called “grand bargain” fell flat with Republican leaders. After panning the president’s offer to cut corporate taxes in exchange for increased spending on jobs programs, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell then moved on to criticizing Obama’s trip to the Hill.
“It’s almost like there’s a ‘Gone Campaigning’ sign outside the Oval Office,” said the minority leader on the Senate floor Wednesday morning. “And on the rarest of occasions when he does come to the Hill, as he will today, you find out it’s basically just another internal campaign rally with Democrats.”
One of those Democrats, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, called McConnell’s attempt to smear the president’s efforts “totally unfair,” on msnbc Wednesday.
“The president was very focused before the caucus about jobs, and the economy, and the middle class,” said Van Hollen. “He spelled out his plans, as he has to the American people over the last week and before, and as he’s presented them to the Republicans in the Congress on numerous occasions. He’s reached out to them, he’s tried to meet with them. They have rejected all of his overtures, they’ve rejected all of his ideas.”
Fellow House Democrats said the meeting was productive and covered a wide range of topics, including voting rights, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the national economy, immigration reform, and the upcoming budget battle, reports the Washington Post.
But the meeting wasn’t all business. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brought the president an early birthday cake to celebrate his turning 52 on August 4th. NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell tweeted a photo of the cake provided by Occasions Caterers before the meeting wrapped up:

Here is the @nancypelosi birthday cake for Pres. Obama. Don’t know if there will be signing. pic.twitter.com/is6TetOYZ6
— Kelly O’Donnell (@KellyO) July 31, 2013