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Five-year-old’s meeting with President Obama is the cutest story you’ll hear today


Five-year-old Alanah Poullard received quite possibly the greatest excuse note ever written for missing school last week.

It read: “Please excuse Alanah from school–she was with me.” Signed, Barack Obama.

But if you thought the photo of that moment was adorable, just wait until you hear the backstory.


Pres Obama writes school excuse note for Alanah Poullard, 5, daughter of wounded warrior in East Room today pic.twitter.com/Rznz9J7OcL


— petesouza (@petesouza) September 20, 2013


Alanah was invited to the White House last Thursday with her parents, Stacy and Yolanda Poullard, for a special presentation and tour dedicated to wounded warriors. Stacy is a Vietnam veteran, and Yolanda, a U.S. army major. She was wounded while serving.

Alanah had written a note to the president before heading to the White House, said her mother, that read: “My name is Alanah Poullard. I’m five years old. I’m from Hathaway, Louisiana. And, I love you President Obama.” When she got there, Secret Service took the card, but never returned it, much to Alanah’s dismay.

When President Obama walked into the East Room to greet the families, he spotted Alanah and told her he got her note. She ran into his arms, and he picked her up. The two walked and talked before he spoke with each wounded warrior and their families.

“Just having an opportunity for my five-year-old baby to interact and meet the president, it was just absolutely an honor,” said Yolanda Poullard to MSNBC Friday.

Watch the full interview above.