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E.g., 11/23/2014
How the Ebola fight is set back by budget...

How the Ebola fight is set back by budget cuts

10/10/14 03:05PM

In addition to the actual treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan, the other big issue regarding Ebola is overall readiness in the U.S. to contain the disease. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports on the latest and Joy Reid discusses our preparedness with Joan Walsh,... watch

Tensions mount in Missouri

Tensions mount in Missouri

10/10/14 02:31PM

USA Today’s Yamiche Alcindor talks with Joy Reid about the shooting of another black Missouri teenager, this time by an off-duty police officer, and the planned “weekend of resistance.” watch

Courts give ‘grab bag’ of voter ID decisions

Courts give ‘grab bag’ of voter ID decisions

10/10/14 02:16PM

Court rulings in Texas and Wisconsin are giving opponents of strict voter ID laws a chance to celebrate, while . Joy Reid looks at the impact of recent voter ID decisions around the country with the Angela Rye, Joe Madison, and the NAACP’s Ryan Haygood. watch

Could Ebola victim’s life have been saved?

Could Ebola victim’s life have been saved?

10/09/14 03:47PM

As Thomas Eric Duncan’s family grieves, many are asking whether he would still be alive had he been hospitalized right away. Joy Reid talks with Rev. George Mason, pastor to Duncan’s fiancée, and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who is leading the... watch

US on the defense about anti-ISIS strategy

Obama admin. defends anti-ISIS airstrike strategy

10/09/14 02:16PM

As airstrikes fail to stop ISIS from advancing towards the Turkish border with Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry defends the U.S. strategy. NBC’s Richard Engel reports from the region, then Joy Reid discusses America’s tactics with activist Zainab... watch

FBI banks on public's help in terrorist hunt

FBI banks on public's help in ISIS terrorist hunt

10/08/14 02:12PM

NBC News' Pete Williams, Ayman Mohyeldin and Bloomberg's Indira Lakshmanan discuss the FBI's request for public assistance in identifying an ISIS militant with a North American accent, and discuss details on the latest anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria and el watch