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E.g., 10/22/2014
E.g., 10/22/2014
Amey Esparza puts her "I Voted" sticker on after casting her ballot at John Fremont Middle School on November 6, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Join Joy Reid's #1Voter Challenge

08/29/14 03:54PM

Voting is, in my humble opinion, the most important and profound expression of citizenship. It’s also a power that’s important enough that people in power exerted tremendous and sometimes violent effort to prevent whole groups of Americans from exercising it – from women, to African-Americans to young Americans. read more

Jerry Springer: 'Let's let people vote!'

Jerry Springer: 'Let's let people vote!'

10/21/14 02:50PM

Joy Reid talks to former talk show host Jerry Springer about supporting Nina Turner’s Ohio Secretary of State race, youth turnout, and voter suppression efforts that include slashing early voting days. watch

200 police officers intensify PA manhunt

Expert on PA cop killer: 'He wants to kill again'

10/21/14 02:41PM

In Eastern Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountain school district canceled classes on Tuesday as 200 police officers continue to search for Eric Matthew Frein, the suspect in the September ambush and shooting of two state troopers. Jim Cavanaugh discusses. watch

Can new Ferguson commission affect change?

Can new Ferguson commission affect change?

10/21/14 02:09PM

On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon announced a new commission that will study the events in Ferguson and suggest ways to make change. Meanwhile, the governor is under fire for his support of a state senate candidate with ties to the deactivated GoFundMe campaign watch

Police arrest suspected serial killer

Police arrest suspected serial killer in Indiana

10/20/14 02:15PM

Police in Hammond and Gary, Indiana identified 43-year-old Darren Vann as the suspect they took into custody after finding the strangled body of Afrika Hardy. Officials claims that Vann confessed to Hardy’s murder and led them to six more bodies. Clint Va watch