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E.g., 11/23/2014
Ebola patient gets experimental drug

Ebola patient gets experimental drug

10/07/14 02:14PM

NBC's Sarah Dallof reports on the conditions of Ebola patients Ashoka Mukpo and Thomas Duncan, who are both receiving an experimental drug. Then, Pastor George Mason -- pastor to the fiancee of Ebola victim Thomas Duncan -- talks about how he remains in c watch

School board gets a lesson in civil...

School board gets a lesson in civil disobedience

10/06/14 02:44PM

A Colorado school board attempted to put a conservative spin on how AP U.S. History is taught. This sparked student protests and walkouts. Joy Reid talks to Ashlyn Maher, one of the students who spoke out at last Thursday’s school board meeting, and Jesse watch

Will SCOTUS decision expand marriage...

Will SCOTUS decision expand marriage equality?

10/06/14 02:15PM

Joy Reid talks to NBC’s Pete Williams about the Supreme Court’s decision not to enter the debate on state same-sex marriage bans. Then, Aisha Moodie-Mills and Marc Solomon discuss why this decision could expand marriage equality across the country, but is watch

Are hospitals prepared for Ebola?

Are hospitals prepared for Ebola and enterovirus?

10/06/14 01:59PM

NBC’s Sarah Dallof talks about treatment for Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan. Then, Bonnie Castillo, from National Nurses United, discusses whether hospitals are prepared to take in Ebola patients. Dr. Corey Hebert discusses the new danger: the enterovi watch

Ebola crisis rattles America's nerves

Ebola crisis rattles America's nerves

10/03/14 03:47PM

The CDC is making progress in narrowing down a list of potential contacts with an Ebola patient in Texas. NBC’s Charles Hadlock, Dr. Seema Yasmin, and the Texas Nurses Association’s Cindy Zolnierek discuss the latest with Joy Reid. watch

New PR headache hits Ferguson police

New PR headache hits Ferguson police

10/03/14 02:41PM

MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee reports on his exclusive interview with Devin James, the fired Ferguson PR operative, about how James became Ferguson’s representative and his very dramatic life story. watch

President Obama gets a big boost

Healthy jobs numbers boost President Obama

10/03/14 02:13PM

Robert Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, and Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO, Voto Latino and MSNBC Contributor, talk with Joy Reid about President Obama’s midterm reset and the assist he’s getting from positive economic news. watch