A woman waits to meet with advisors selling insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act in Miami, Florida, Mar.31, 2014.
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What’s buzzing? Find out in ‘We the Tweeple’


Our regular We the Tweeple segment got bumped from The Reid Report today due to the GM hearing, but we still wanted to bring you the stories you can’t stop buzzing about on social media.  

Today in our morning meeting Joy was reprimanded for never having watched the hit TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” But everyone in the world was apparently watching the show’s finale last night. It was the show’s most-watched and highest-rated episode!

The popular series came to a close after 9 seasons, and most of you were *seriously* disappointed.

This is a spoiler alert if you haven’t heard it… But your outrage took over Twitter when viewers found out how Ted met his kid’s mother, only to have her quickly killed off – which led to Ted winding up with his on-and-off love interest, Robin… prompting some of you to rename the show … “How I Met Your Stepmother.”

#Obamacare is also trending today, with news of the program reaching the 7 million signup mark. The success has spawned a new phenomenon: “Obamacare Truthers.” Obamacare Truthers refuse to believe projected enrollment numbers that show ACA is a success.

They’re even sending tweets like this one:

When the final numbers come out, the joke may be on Obamacare Truthers.

And speaking of jokes, it’s April Fools Day! And two of the best April Fools pranks online come courtesy of Google!

The tech giant debuted an impressive new “Pokemon challenge” app. A coveted position at the company is on offer to the person who can catch the most “pocket monsters” using a juiced-up version of Google maps. The deadline is tomorrow at midnight – not! April Fools!

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also head over to Google+ and have your favorite images “Hoff photo bombed.” 

Yes, you too can have your cherished family photos “enhanced” with randomly inserted pics of actor David Hasselhoff by uploading them to the social media engine.

But don’t try this at home kids, because it’s an April Fool’s joke – so it won’t work.

But you can join the conversation with fellow Reid Report fans – or #reiders – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and msnbc.com and keep telling us what’s important to you.


What's buzzing? Find out in 'We the Tweeple'