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Rick Perry heckled on immigration

Rick Perry heckled on immigration

09/30/11 08:00PM

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is sinking in the polls, being chased by hecklers and now his controversial past is coming back to haunt him. Alec MacGillis, a senior editor at The New Republic, joins The Last Word. watch

Sarah Palin on thin ice with Fox News

Sarah Palin on thin ice with Fox News

09/30/11 08:00PM

The former Alaska governor accused Fox News host Megyn Kelly of putting out misinformation and she got in an on-air fight with another Fox News commentator. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains in the Rewrite. watch

Chris Christie and the weight issue

Chris Christie and the weight issue

09/30/11 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Ed Rollins, a former top political advisor to President Reagan, and Jonathan Alter, a columnist for the Bloomberg View about the GOP’s Governor Christie lovefest and questions over his weight. watch

Just a guy with an ax to grind.

Rick Perry and his tax ax

09/30/11 07:10PM

While prepping for tonight's show, Last Word associate producer Casey Dolan came across this image of Rick Perry while scrolling through tape. The Texas governor appears to be carrying an over-sized ax that reads, "Cut taxes, cut spending, cut the government." I sincerely hope he drags this Paul Bunyan prop on stage during the... read more

Awesome Internets: Friday edition

09/30/11 05:29PM

Please never take the senses that enable you to watch and listen to our show for granted. Flavorwire found an inspiring video of a deaf woman hearing herself for the first time and it reminds us how valuable the gift of sight and sound truly is. The amazing video was posted by the 29-year-old woman herself, YouTube user sloanchurman. On the site... read more

Radiohead's Thom Yorke performing at Roseland Ballroom in New York on Thursday

Radiohead leaves protesters high and dry

09/30/11 05:08PM

Radiohead is not occupying Wall Street. The band shot down rumors of an impromptu performance this afternoon at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan's financial district, timed with the growing protest movement."It's definitely not going to happen," said Laura Eldeiry, a spokeswoman for the British band. read more

First Word: Friday, September 30

09/30/11 03:29PM

Lawrence anchors from LA tonight. We'll have the latest on Occupy Wall Street, plus new primary deadlines might force another shake-up of the GOP field. Here's a look more stories shaping tonight's rundown.Florida sets presidential primary for Jan. 31How to turn Chris Christie's weight into an 'issue'Radical... read more

No matter what FOX News tells you, DOJ did not pay $16 each for muffins

So about those $16 muffins...

09/29/11 09:56PM

I'll get to those "$16 muffins" shortly, but first... in tonight's Rewrite, Lawrence took you - blow by blow - through Jon Stewart's bout with Bill O'Reilly. The interview came in two parts: the first which aired on The Daily Show's television broadcast and the second portion which was a Daily Show web... read more

Rick Perry’s star flames out

Rick Perry’s star flames out

09/29/11 08:00PM

After his very first presidential debate on MSNBC, Rick Perry's support is falling fast. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell brings you details with Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post and Ron Carey, former chief of staff to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. watch


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