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E.g., 2/24/2017
Voter fraud: Is it a lie if Trump believes...

Voter fraud: Is it a lie if Trump believes it?

01/24/17 10:02PM

The Trump administration tried to defend Donald Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud, but offered no evidence to the widely debunked falsehood. Is Trump lying or does he believe this disproven claim? Lawrence with April Ryan, Rick Wilson, and Howard Dean. watch

Lawsuit: President Trump is violating the...

Lawsuit: President Trump is violating the Constitution

01/23/17 10:25PM

The President is being sued for allegedly violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution because his hotels may accept payments from foreign governments. Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit, joins Lawrence. watch

Donald Trump lies about losing the popular...

Donald Trump lies about losing the popular vote

01/23/17 10:03PM

Donald Trump told congressional leaders he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because of immigrants fraudulently voting in the election. This comes after Kellyanne Conway debuted the phrase "alternative facts." David Corn and Indira Lakshmanan join Lawrence. watch

Why Donald Trump isn't ready

Why Donald Trump isn't ready

01/19/17 10:20PM

Many of Donald Trump's key national security and foreign policy positions have not been filled on the eve of his Inauguration. Jeremy Bash, former Chief of Staff to Leon Panetta, and Mike Allen, who recently interviewed Trump, join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Donald Trump's nuclear moment

Donald Trump's nuclear moment

01/19/17 10:02PM

Donald Trump is about to receive the nuclear codes. But Trump biographers say Trump hasn't been changed by the awesome responsibility before him. Lawrence discusses with Tim O'Brien, Michael D'Antonio, and Joy Reid. watch

Michael Moore: '100 days of resistance' to...

Michael Moore: '100 days of resistance' to Trump starts now

01/18/17 10:36PM

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is urging Trump's critics to spend Trump's first 100 days resisting his policies. Moore talks about the protest he's organizing with NYC Mayor de Blasio and other celebrities outside of Trump International Hotel on Thursday. watch


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