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Broadening Bernie Sanders' base

Broadening Bernie Sanders' base

08/19/15 10:56PM

Bernie Sanders is drawing in record crowds to his political rallies, but he is struggling to broaden his base. Lawrence is joined by Michael Steele, Jonathan Allen, and Maria Teresa Kumar to discuss how Sanders can attract other voters. watch

Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush

Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush

08/19/15 10:01PM

Donald Trump stole the spotlight from Jeb Bush by holding a town hall just miles from where Bush had scheduled his own event. Lawrence is joined by fmr. RNC Chairman Michael Steele, MSNBC's Kasie Hunt, Vox's Jonathan Allen & Voto Latino's Maria Teresa Kumar. watch

Is Jeb changing his position because of The Donald?

Posted by The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have something in common...

Posted by All In with Chris Hayes on Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Nate Silver: Bet on Clinton to be Dem nominee

Nate Silver: Bet on Clinton to be Dem nominee

08/18/15 10:55PM

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton faced a town hall style meeting while her Democratic competitor Bernie Sanders talked about how to get out the vote. But do the numbers show Clinton is a lock for the Democratic nominee? Clarence Page & David Corn join Lawrence. watch

Inside the mind of Donald Trump

Inside the mind of Donald Trump

08/18/15 10:29PM

Lawrence is joined by Joe Burgo, a clinical psychologist, and Jeffrey Kluger, editor-at-large for TIME, to discuss the behavior and impact of Donald Trump and the idea that much of his behavior is fueled by narcissism. watch


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