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E.g., 11/22/2014
E.g., 11/22/2014
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Lawrence O'Donnell on set in Washington, D.C.

Behind the scenes of Pelosi interview

06/23/11 04:00PM

Lawrence sat down with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for a lengthy chat this afternoon.We’re very glad it took place — Lawrence and our crew initially had trouble getting down to Washington, D.C. from New York City. All Northeast Corridor train lines were down due to a power outage (of course, today of all days). In a last-minute change of plans, they hopped on a plane to make it in time.The mad dash paid off. Pelosi, fresh off a meeting with President Obama, had a lot to say about debt ceiling talks and Cantor’s decision to leave them.The interview will air tonight at 8pm ET on msnbc. read more

FBI handout or former fugitive James Bulger

Man who inspired 'The Departed' caught

06/23/11 03:51PM

The Boston mob boss who inspired the film "The Departed" was captured in L.A. after 16 years on the run. The FBI finally snatched up James "Whitey" Bulger and his longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greig, yesterday at an apartment in Santa Monica.The couple was living under the aliases Charles and Carol Gasko. The FBI found very large amounts of cash and guns at their home.Feds can thank daytime TV viewers for the tip off. On Tuesday, the government began circulating ads with Greig picture during shows like The View and Regis and Kelly. read more

First Word: June 23, 2011

06/23/11 01:59PM

A look at stories shaping tonight's rundown. What headlines are you clicking on?Eric Cantor pulls out of debt ceiling talksIs Eric Cantor setting up John Boehner to take the fall on debt talks?Obama's Afghanistan speech goes down the unpopular middleFBI captures ruthless Boston mob boss in L.A.Amendments to New York marriage equality bill taking shape, vote uncertainThe Winklevoss twins have (probably) given up Facebook lawsuits read more

Withdrawal speech analysis

06/22/11 10:32PM

msnbc's Rachel Maddow and New York Times Magazine contributing writer who spent time embedded with the troops in Afghanistan, Elizabeth Rubin, join The Last Word with reaction. read more

Pelosi calls Cantor walkout 'interesting'

Pelosi calls Cantor walkout 'interesting'

06/22/11 08:00PM

In an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responds to the impasse over debt talks and how they can move forward without key players. The full interview airs Thursday at 8pm ET. watch

Huntsman ad gets the Rewrite

Huntsman ad gets the Rewrite

06/22/11 08:00PM

The Republican on Republican attacks begin in the race for the presidential nomination. In round one, Rick Santorum takes on Jon Huntsman. MSNBC’s Lawrence O... watch

Watch Obama's Afghanistan speech

06/22/11 07:58PM

In a speech at the White House tonight, President Obama detailed plans for the withdrawal of 33,000 surge troops from Afghanistan no later than September 2012. Give us your reaction in the comment section below. read more