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E.g., 7/30/2014
Andrew Card was Pres. George W. Bush's Chief of Staff during the "Mission Accomplished" speech. (May 1, 2003 aboard USS Abraham Lincoln)

Bush official takes swipe at Obama

05/09/11 09:15PM

Does the name Andrew Card ring a bell? He was the Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush until April of 2006. Card is the guy who whispered into Pres. Bush's ear on September 11, 2001 while Pres. Bush was reading to school children in Florida telling him the nation was under attack. He was also the Chief of Staff for Pres. Bush during the now-infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech on May 1, 2003. You know... the one where Pres. Bush piloted an airplane onto the USS Abraham Lincoln. Yeah, that one.Well, the man who was Pres. Bush's Chief of Staff during that speech thinks Pres. read more

"Aerial Recon," one of the kid-friendly CIA characters.

CIA: Bad for Osama, fun for kids!

05/09/11 08:28PM

While doing some research for one of tonight's segments, I found something rather surprising on the CIA web site (not the first time we've found something going on over at  Round up the kids!  No, really, it's okay, because the team that gathered the intel to find the world's most wanted terrorist has also made time to build an entire section of its site just for the kiddies.  It's even broken up by age groups. read more

Bin Laden's bedside

Bin Laden's bedside

05/09/11 08:00PM

One fact about what was found by bin Laden's bedside is interpreted very, very differently by two New York City papers. watch

The Internets are a magical place...

Situation Room superheroes

05/09/11 07:28PM

As both a comic book and political geek, I love this sooo much. It was tweeted out today by Josh Rogin, staff writer for Foreign Policy magazine. Enjoy and compare to the original, below.  read more

First Word: May 9, 2011

05/09/11 01:23PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What headlines are you clicking on today?Pakistani officials leaked the name of the Islamabad CIA chief to Pakistani media, furthering the rift between the CIA and the ISI.In his first and only interview about the death of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama told 60 Minutes that watching the raid from the Situation Room was the "longest 40 minutes of his life."Newt Gingrich will officially announce on Wednesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for president.Flood waters continue to rise along the banks of the Mississippi River. read more

Pres. Obama tells the nation on May 1 that bin Laden has been killed

The Last Word week in review

05/06/11 09:00PM

The HeadlinesObama thanks Navy SEALsDid the bin Laden raid reveal a new weapon of war?Pres. Obama visits Ground ZeroPolitics and the fog of warBin Laden: What we know nowBin Laden: Politics and pollsRole of enhanced interrogation tacticsThe teamwork that led to bin LadenThe death of bin LadenHow much did Pakistan know?Bin Laden: Bush vs. ObamaMore about the Navy SEALS behind the missionFirst 2012 Republican debate is heldThe Condoleezza Rice InterviewTerrorism and IraqThe death of bin LadenLawrence gets reaction from Rachel MaddowColin Powell's fmr. read more