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MTV's Jersey Shore cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

In defense of Snooki and NJ film tax credits

09/22/11 07:05PM

UPDATE (Sept. 27): Christie vetoed the tax credit, but only the one for production of "Jersey Shore"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has drawn fire in the past for his love of budget cuts. Now it seems he's focusing in on The Arts. At issue is a tax credit approved for production of MTV's infamous reality show, Jersey... read more

You tell 'em, Elizabeth Warren

09/22/11 06:37PM

Elizabeth Warren is about to become the new working class hero. A recent viral video shows the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau masterfully breaking down progressive economics to its simplest form. She rebukes the Republican notion that taxing the wealthy is "class warfare":"I hear all this, you know, ‘Well,... read more

Orszag dismisses claims in Suskind book

09/22/11 04:45PM

On last night’s show, msnbc's Martin Bashir grilled Ron Suskind over Confidence Men. The book claims life inside the Obama White House isn't all that peachy, especially for women, because of a boys-club attitude and general dysfunction on how to handle the financial crisis.Former White House budget director Peter Orszag is one of the... read more

First Word: Thursday, September 22

09/22/11 02:53PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. Anything on your Rewrite radar? Tell us what stories you're interested in now.The last words of Troy Davis before execution: 'I am innocent'Orszag: Suskind criticism 'inconsistent with my experience'Elizabeth Warren blasts GOP 'class warfare' charge... read more

Suskind defends White House book

09/21/11 10:17PM

Last Word guest host Martin Bashir talks to Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind about controversial details in Confidence Men. The new book alleges President Obama presided over an administration that treated women unfairly in the White House, and failed to provide proper leadership during the financial crisis. Watch the full interview. read more

Suskind defends book on White House

Suskind defends book on White House

09/21/11 08:00PM

Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind’s new book alleges President Obama presided over an administration that unfairly treated women in the White House, and failed to provide proper leadership during the financial crisis. He joins The Last... watch

SCOTUS decision on Troy Davis

SCOTUS decision on Troy Davis

09/21/11 08:00PM

NBC’s Thanh Trong has the latest report from Georgia and NBC News' Justice Correspondent Pete Williams explains the process of appealing to the Supreme Court in the execution case watch

President Obama caught off guard during a picture with leaders at the United Nations on Tuesday,

Presidential picture fail

09/21/11 06:27PM

See, presidents are just like us — even they take dorky photos sometimes. This picture of President Obama and other world leaders was snapped during yesterday's Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations in New York. Was he waving to someone?Obama addressed the General Assembly this morning, emphasizing the need for direct... read more

Rick Perry's new ad in post-T-Paw age

09/21/11 04:41PM

 Rick Perry released new ad, touting high unemployment numbers and increased poverty rates under the Obama administration. It plays up that theme by showing barren city streets and boarded up buildings. read more

First Word: Wednesday, September 21

09/21/11 03:22PM

Guests tonight include authors Ron Suskind and Joe McGinniss. Anything on your Rewrite radar? Tell us what stories you're following now.President Obama's tricky task at the UNRon Suskind fights back on Obama bookDispute on disaster aid threatens bill to avert government shutdownHouse GOP tightens its bond with NetanyahuWillard M.... read more

Nader talks Dem primary challenge

09/20/11 10:49PM

Ralph Nader wants someone to primary President Obama. In an exclusive interview with msnbc's Lawrence O'Donnell the former presidential candidate explains his stance. Plus he offers his thoughts on Twitter as a progressive platform, and tweeps might not like what they hear. read more


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