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First Word: Friday, September 2

09/02/11 04:34PM

Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown. What headlines are grabbing your attention?Zero jobs growth but not necessarily recessionPresident Obama pulls back proposed smog standards in victory for businessMitt Romney says his jobs plan 'radically restructures the American economy'Rick Perry's book a treasure... read more

Channeling FDR in 2012 election

09/01/11 11:31PM

Michael Scherer, White House correspondent for Time magazine, joins The Last Word to discuss Obama's new plan on jobs and how FDR handled a similar economic predicament while facing re-election. read more

GOP infighting over tea party vote

GOP infighting over tea party vote

09/01/11 08:00PM

Michele Bachmann wants her tea party spotlight back from the Texan who stole it. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell discusses the GOP field after Perry’s entrance with Mark McKinnon, former advisor to the Bush and McCain campaigns. watch

Bachmann's fight for the tea party

09/01/11 07:15PM

The Keep Conservatives United group, a pro-Michele Bachmann Super PAC, just released an ad questioning Rick Perry's ultra conservative chops. The video paints the Texas governor as a Texas-sized spender who's been "covering his deficits with record borrowing" — not a true "tea party guy." The clip later touts... read more

First Word: Thursday, September 1

09/01/11 03:25PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What headlines are you clicking on this afternoon?Partisan fight leads President Obama to move date of speechObama at crossroads in job creation politics Even as he prepares for fall offensive, Obama retreats on jobs speechTucson Republican leader slams county GOP for Giffords gun... read more

Obama and Boehner RSVP drama

09/01/11 12:38AM

New York Magazine's John Heilemann and msnbc analyst Richard Wolffe join The Last Word to analyze this unprecedented public conflict between The White House and Republican Speaker John Boehner. read more

Rewriting CEO pay

Rewriting CEO pay

08/31/11 08:00PM

How can Republicans argue that corporations need tax cuts when some CEOs are making more than their corporations are paying in taxes? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite. watch