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E.g., 6/3/2015
DHS Secy: Funding fight is ‘absurd’

DHS Secy: Funding fight is ‘absurd’

02/25/15 10:01PM

FBI Director James Comey said, "I have homegrown violent extremist investigations in every single state." Meanwhile the Senate voted to advance a clean DHS bill. Howard Dean, Jeremy Peters, Richard Wolffe and Beth Fouhy join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Victim’s relative: Routh an American disgrace

Victim’s relative: Routh an American disgrace

02/24/15 10:52PM

NBC News’ Charles Hadlock shares the victim impact statement made by the step-brother of Chad Littlefield directly to Eddie Ray Routh after the jury reached a guilty verdict in the American Sniper trial in Texas. Our panel discusses those comments. watch

Sniper trial: Chad Littlefield’s mother...

Sniper trial: Chad Littlefield’s mother speaks

02/24/15 10:45PM

Judy Littlefield, the mother of one of the two men killed by Eddie Ray Routh, speaks to the media saying she’s pleased “to get justice for us for our son.” Lawrence discusses her remarks and how the jury’s decision could have been turned by expert witness watch

‘A mix of torn emotions’ in 'Sniper' trial

‘A mix of torn emotions’ in 'Sniper' trial

02/24/15 10:36PM

Lawrence discusses the debate over a change of venue & how the veteran community has responded to the tragic deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield with Defense Attorney Brian Wice, former Dallas County Judge Michael Snipes, and Iraq War Veteran Patric watch

What was Eddie Ray Routh’s mental state?

What was Eddie Ray Routh’s mental state?

02/24/15 10:26PM

With the verdict read, for the first time we are hearing and seeing closing arguments from the “American Sniper” trial. Lawrence discusses with Defense Atty. Brian Wice, Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy, former judge Michael Snipes, and NBC News’ Charles H watch

Nyla Munoz performs a sonogram for a walk-in patient at the Whole Women's Health Clinic in McAllen, Texas on March 4, 2014.

Idaho GOPer's 'rhetorical' anatomy question raises eyebrows

02/24/15 11:42AM

A Republican lawmaker in the Idaho House is pushing back on a headline suggesting he does not understand female anatomy. A story published Monday by The Associated Press received attention on social media and suggested that Idaho state Rep. Vito Barbieri was unaware that a woman's reproductive and digestive systems aren't connected. ... read more


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