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E.g., 9/3/2015
Pres. Obama: Iran won't get nuclear weapons

Pres. Obama: Iran won't get nuclear weapons

07/14/15 10:02PM

The Iran deal states "... under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons." Lawrence discusses the details of the deal with nuclear expert Matthew Bunn, analyst Phyllis Bennis and Foreign Policy's James Traub. watch

Scott Walker’s 'Dick Cheney' speech

Scott Walker’s 'Dick Cheney' speech

07/13/15 10:17PM

The Nation’s John Nichols says Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential announcement sounded, “a lot like a Cheney speech” instead of Reagan. Walker is now the 15th GOP presidential candidate of the 2016 cycle, but will his positions help him stand out from the watch

“After a great deal of thought and a whole lot of prayer, we are so honored to have you join with us today as we officially announce that we are running to serve as your president of the United States of America.”
How you can see Beyonce & Pearl Jam for free

How you can see Beyonce & Pearl Jam for free

07/09/15 10:52PM

msnbc is partnering with the Global Citizen Festival to bring you a concert featuring Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran in New York’s Central Park. How can you go? You have to earn your tickets. Two of the event’s organizers share how. watch


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