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DNC on Palin stealing the spotlight

06/02/11 07:40PM

The DNC sent out this new video today, highlighting the fact Sarah Palin is stealing the spotlight from Mitt Romney. This morning, Palin was not only stampeding through his territory in Massachusetts, she also threw a punch at the health-care mandate Romney signed back in 2006.Palin said, "In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing, so obviously ... read more

Gov. Chris Christie at press conference in Denville, N.J. on Thursday.

Gov. Christie to reimburse tax-payers

06/02/11 07:17PM

Governor Chris Christie announced today he plans to refund the New Jersey $2,100 for using a state helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game. The Republican remained unapologetic and agreed to pay back money to help minimize the distraction from real problems facing New Jersey."I've got a lot of important work to do. read more

Sarah Palin along with her young daughter Piper.

Piper Palin's 'family vacation'

06/02/11 05:45PM

While in Philadelphia yesterday, Piper Palin shoved a reporter out of the way and told TIME correspondent Jay Newton-Small and photographer Dima Gavrysh, "Thanks for ruining our family vacation."  It is completely wrong when parents trick their children to believe they're going somewhere when they're actually headed somewhere else. I mean for me, it was my mom saying, "Ron, we're going to the mall." She knew I hated going shopping with her and I would cry and pout and eventually get in the car, but once we pulled into the movie theatre parking lot, I knew she was fooling me the whole time! read more

Romney's tribute to Obama

06/02/11 04:21PM

I just want to give a quick shout out and thanks to Mitt Romney, who is rolling out his announcement for president with a video  of people holding corporate-looking signs with hand-scribbled notes on them.He could have gone in the over-the-top movie trailer direction to make a personality-deficient candidate appear totally bad ass. Republican Tim Pawlenty's video was a true innovation in presidential campaign videos, an important contribution to the canon, thanks to this former Hillary Clinton supporter.But Romney decided, instead, to pay homage to Barack Obama. read more

First Word: June 2, 2011

06/02/11 03:57PM

A look at headlines we're following this afternoon. Goldman Sachs receives subpoena over financial crisisProgressives take Medicare fight to New Hampshire RepublicanMitt Romney kicks off 2012 presidential campaign with blast at ObamaSarah Palin fires shot at Romney at Bunker HillGov. Chris Christie reimburses state for helicopter flights read more

Gov. Chris Christie exiting a state helicopter to attend his son's baseball game in New Jersey on Tuesday.

Gov. Christie's free chopper ride

06/01/11 09:09PM

Governor Chris Christie was in a rush to get somewhere yesterday, so he took a state helicopter to avoid traffic. Although the chopper saved him loads of time, it still wasn’t enough. He then proceeded to take a black car with tinted windows the last 100 yards or so to the final destination... his son’s high school baseball game in Montvale, New Jersey.That's, of course, after calling for workers to give up benefits in the name of "shared sacrifice" and cutting government programs.In a statement issued today, Col. read more

White House debt limit meeting gets heated

White House debt limit meeting gets heated

06/01/11 08:00PM

President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with House Republicans in the White House. Msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell speaks with a Republican Congressman who was in that meeting, Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas. watch

Gov. Christie’s chopper ride to son’s game

Gov. Christie’s chopper ride to son’s game

06/01/11 08:00PM

The New Jersey governor took a state helicopter from his son's baseball game back to the governor's mansion to meet with Iowa donors who want him to run for president. Msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Steve Kornacki, politics editor for,... watch

Sarah Palin’s barely legal bus tour

Sarah Palin’s barely legal bus tour

06/01/11 08:00PM

How can the former Alaska governor use SarahPAC funds to pay for her family vacation? Msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains, plus msnbc Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin joins the show. watch

Weiner 'can't say with certitude'

06/01/11 05:25PM

 Rep. Anthony Weiner addressed his alleged Twitter hacking today with NBC's Luke Russert, saying "he can't say with certitude” whether a lewd photo sent to a 21-year-old was of him or not.Likewise, I can't say with certitude I will live until 100. I can't say with certitude I will eat a ham sandwich tomorrow for lunch. Tell us more, congressman.The crotch shot in question was tweeted to a female college student (and the rest of the world) over the weekend. Weiner called the incident a "prank" and hired a private security firm to investigate. read more

Elephant clearing debris in Joplin

06/01/11 05:24PM

 It’s all hands (and feet) on deck in Joplin, Missouri after a massive tornado leveled the town. This elephant was put to work to help clean up heavy debris. It happened to be in the area via The Piccadilly Circus, which had been scheduled to perform.The Missouri State Highway Patrol today confirmed 134 people died in the incident, and all people reported missing have now been located.More than 8,000 homes and more than 500 commercial properties were damaged or destroyed in the tornado on May 22. read more