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First Word: June 21, 2011

06/21/11 02:46PM

Happy first day of summer. Here are the stories shaping the rundown for tonight's show. See any good links on the web? Send them our way.President Obama to outline Afghan troop withdrawal plansJon Huntsman enters GOP race with cordial criticism of ObamaNewt Gingrich campaign fundraisers quitDirt bike fight: Rick Santorum ad mocks Jon Huntsman over anti-abortion pledgeHouse Minority Whip Steny Hoyer frowns on short-term debt dealDid Michele Bachmann’s use tax-payer money for tea party rally? read more

Axelrod talks marriage equality

06/20/11 09:50PM

Is President Obama doing enough to push the liberal agenda? Senior strategist for President Obama's reelection campaign, David Axelrod, discuses the president's position on marriage equality, the unrest at NetRoots and Tim Pawlenty's candidacy on The Last Word. read more

Obama impersonator defends act

06/20/11 09:40PM

Booted Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown took to the airwaves today, defending his controversial performance at Saturday’s Republican Leadership Conference after it was cut short.Initially, Brown received uproarious laughter and applause from the conservative crowd, cracking jokes about the president’s biracial roots. However, it was not until Brown began roasting some of the GOP 2012 contenders that the room got a little awkward. read more

Paul Ryan's unlikely critic

Paul Ryan's unlikely critic

06/20/11 08:32PM

Ever since Rep. Paul Ryan introduced his plan to kill Medicare as we know it, there's been a growing chorus of people speaking out against it. Last week, that chorus added an unlikely member: The leader of the South Florida Tea Party, Everett Wilkinson.Wilkinson put out an email to his supporters articulating the group's position on the Ryan plan and how it relates to their overall 2012 strategy. The first reporter to take notice was George Bennett of The Palm Beach Post. read more

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain's advice to the GOP

06/20/11 06:50PM

Tonight, Meghan McCain joins the show. Never the shy one, the Daily Beast columnist has got a few bones to pick with the current Republican presidential field. In a new column posted today, she asks the GOP point blank, "How is it possible that this is the best we're doing so far?" To her, the group can do a way better job of tightening their message and stepping up their game. In a pep-talk of sorts, she offers up seven tips on how to beat Obama in 2012. A slice of McCain’s wisdom from Tip No. 1 — go the serious route:You are not cooler than President Obama. No, you are not. read more

Dems outpace GOP in fundraising

06/20/11 04:56PM

The DNC announced today it raked in $10.5 million last month, well ahead of the GOP. This amount includes money from the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising account by the DNC and Obama's re-election campaign.The RNC’s said it collected $6.2 million donations in May. Republican officials estimated they were $24 million in the hole when RNC chairman Reince Priebus took over. They said they reduced their debt by half last month.The Obama campaign wants to raise at least $60 million by the end of June. The campaign is on track to surpass the $750 million in 2008. read more

First Word: June 20, 2011

06/20/11 02:53PM

Here are some links we've been reading this afternoon, on this last day of spring. What headlines are you checking out?Florida Tea Party leader: GOP Medicare plan a ‘public policy nightmare’Meghan McCain's 7 Tips for Republican hopefulsJohn McCain blaming illegal immigrants for Arizona Wildfires?Mitt Romney under GOP fire on Afghanistan, abortionSupreme Court blocks massive sex-discrimination suit against Wal-MartNo, Gov. Pawlenty, tax cuts don’t pay for themselvesJon Stewart's feisty interview with Chris Wallace  read more

The Colbert commencement speech

06/17/11 08:12PM

Stephen Colbert is a favorite of ours here at The Last Word HQ. So for a bit of Friday fun, check out his hilarious commencement address given just a few hours ago (amazing how fast things get on YouTube). He told the students that "some call you the greatest generation." After quite a bit of laughter Colbert admitted he's really the only one saying that, adding: "Be great... no pressure." read more

Is the war on drugs worth it?

Is the war on drugs worth it?

06/17/11 08:00PM

Today is the 40th anniversary of America's longest war, the war on drugs. Is it working? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell gets analysis from Michelle Alexander, an associate professor of law at Ohio State University. watch