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Why we need government

Why we need government

04/29/11 08:00PM

The outbreak of southern storms is now the deadliest since 1932. Why we still need the government for these disasters and a whole lot more with Rep. Terri... watch

Obama tours tornado zone in Alabama

04/29/11 06:59PM

Earlier today, President Obama met with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley as he toured the state. "This is something I don't think anyone has seen before," the president said during his trip. In Alabama alone, at least a million homes and businesses are without power. The death toll has now reached at least 319 across seven states making this the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes this country has seen since 1932. At least one of the storms, a 205 MPH twister in Smithville, Mississippi, has now been classified as an EF-5 storm - the National Weather Service's most severe ranking for a tornado. read more

"Trump" has new demands

04/29/11 06:46PM

Jimmy Fallon has had a lot of fun recently making fun of Donald Trump... last night donning a wig and doing a pretty spot-on impression asking President Obama to open his wallet and show us, among other things, his Starbucks card. read more

First Word: April 29, 2011

04/29/11 03:48PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What headlines are you clicking on?President Obama visited Alabama earlier today to tour wreckage of the deadly tornadoes.The death toll from Wednesday's storms in the Southeast has now topped 300.Prince William and Catherine Middleton are married! After the ceremony this morning in Westminster Abbey, the two are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.Today's Endeavour shuttle launch was scrubbed because of a problem with a heater in one of the shuttle's auxiliary units.Donald Trump spoke in Las Vegas yesterday and dropped multiple F-bombs. read more

"Last Word" girls watching the wedding!

Here Comes THE Bride....

04/29/11 05:58AM

Good morning! We are up live-tweeting the Royal Wedding! We're taking a break from budget talks, debt ceiling debates, crazy state representatives, and frankly anything to do with Donald Trump to enjoy this beautiful event. Follow us @TheLastWord and leave us a comment on how you're celebrating the wedding. Also, make sure to tune into the show tonight at 8P ET where we will focus on other news of the day. - Casey, Clare and Danielle.  read more

America to Washington: We want jobs!

04/28/11 10:41PM

Will Washington turn its attention back to the problem Americans really want solved: jobs? Polls show support for Pres. Obama and Congressional Republicans down as the stock market and oil companies find their numbers up. Howard Fineman and David Stockman provide their take. read more

State Rep. Sally Kern/(R) Oklahoma City

Okla. lawmaker's apology not enough for NAACP

04/28/11 08:03PM

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern says her words were "not spoken correctly" and is apologizing after making comments that implied African-Americans and women in general make less money than white men because they don't work as hard. Kern's remarks (video here) came last night as the Oklahoma House of Representatives approved a bill giving voters the chance to eliminate affirmative action in state programs next year.  Kern first spoke of African-Americans, asking "Is this just because they're black that they're in prison? read more

Challenging Rep. Ryan

Challenging Rep. Ryan

04/28/11 08:00PM

As Rep. Paul Ryan gets some heated questions from voters back in his district, we talk to his Democratic challenger, Rob Zerban. watch

Jobs vs. budget

Jobs vs. budget

04/28/11 08:00PM

Washington turns its attention back to the problem Americans really want solved: jobs. But does the GOP even have a plan? Howard Fineman and David Stockman... watch