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Colbert forms Super PAC

Colbert forms Super PAC

06/30/11 08:00PM

The Huffington Post’s Alex Wagner joins the Last Word to discuss the fine line between comedy and reality after Stephen Colbert's controversial day at the FEC. watch

Building up Bachmann?

Building up Bachmann?

06/30/11 08:00PM

Senior Political Editor of the Huffington Post Howard Fineman joins the Last Word to break down the array of responses to Michele Bachmann's headline... watch

Stephen Colbert forms Super PAC

06/30/11 07:18PM

The Federal Election Commission granted Stephen Colbert permission to set up his own political action committee, Colbert Super PAC. No joke.The Comedy Central host appeared at a meeting with the FEC today in Washington D.C. with his personal attorney at his side. The commission voted in-favor of the comedian in a 5-1 vote.Colbert can run ads for his Super PAC on his program, The Colbert Report, without disclosing contributions from Comedy Central or its parent company, Viacom. read more

Retiring Defense Secy. Gates and Pres. Obama share a laugh today in Arlington, Va. during Gates' Armed Forces Farewell Tribute at the Pentagon.

Gates awarded Medal of Freedom

06/30/11 07:17PM

To mark the end of his decades-long career in Washington, today President Obama surprised retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom on his very last day in the job. The honor is the highest any civilian can receive in the United States. During his remarks President Obama thanked Gates for his "profound sense of duty." He also called Gates a "humble American patriot" adding that his greatest legacy may likely be helping to save the lives of U.S. troops. read more

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid speaking to reporters along with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Senate 4th of July break canceled

06/30/11 05:36PM

Senators can kiss those holiday BBQs goodbye. With debt negotiations up in the air, the Senate announced today it cancelled their week long July 4th break to try and stop the government from barreling towards a first-ever default.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the whole caucus needs to be on hand to help deal with the debt talks.“These things get resolved by meetings, people meeting and discussing things,” said Reid in a press conference. “I've had a number of senators both Democrats and Republicans say to me, do we really need to be here? read more

First Word: June 30, 2011

06/30/11 03:27PM

A look at stories shaping our rundown now.House GOP living up to 'Pledge to America'Senate to work next week on debt limit impasseHow you know the debt negotiations have truly failedBill Clinton sizes up GOP fieldStephen Colbert scores campaign finance win in Super PacNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to lift fracturing ban?Jimmy Kimmel presidents 'Michele Bachmann's story of America' read more

Rewriting concept of 'Real America'

06/29/11 09:30PM

A newspaper op-ed from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch mourned the loss of the Republican party as we once knew it. Lawrence gives details and debunks the ring-wing concept of "Real America" in the Rewrite. read more