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Friday Funnies: Iowa straw poll aftermath

Friday Funnies: Iowa straw poll aftermath

08/19/11 08:00PM

Michele Bachmann's meaningless win in Iowa, Rick Perry's debut on the Presidential campaign trail and the one candidate Lawrence considered a rational choice for the Republican nomination called it quits. Last Word guest host Melissa-Harris Perry has... watch

Getting (sorta) serious with The Onion

Getting (sorta) serious with The Onion

08/19/11 08:00PM

They call themselves "America's Finest News Source," and that reputation is built on biting satire. The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris-Perry introduces you to one of the snarky geniuses behind The Onion, comedian Baratunde Thurston. watch

Texas Governor Rick Perry in Dover, New Hampshire on Thursday.

Global warming debate heats up race

08/19/11 07:50PM

Out of all the topics that are effecting Americans this year — the economy, jobs, health care to name a few — who knew that global warming and evolution would heat up the 2012 race?As we mentioned yesterday, Perry told a young boy in New Hampshire, who asked about evolution after being prompted by his mother, his thoughts on what should be... read more

"American Girl in Italy" photo

An 'American girl in Italy' looks back

08/19/11 05:05PM

Almost 60 years ago, a camera captured the moment every young girl has experienced while living abroad. Amidst cat calls and gawking Italian men, a young American woman tries to walk down the street with her head held high. With a little luck and an expertly timed snap, Ruth Orkin created an icon.On Monday, "American Girl in Italy"... read more

Romney: Businesses are also people

08/19/11 03:21PM

Following in the "corporations are people" vein, Willard M. Romney presented a business-friendly theme in a new web video released today. He's trying to own his previous comment, which sometimes poses a challenge for him, and run with it.The clip, "Mitt on the Road: A Week in New Hampshire," shows the Republican hopeful... read more

First Word: August 19, 2011

08/19/11 01:43PM

Happy Friday. Here are a few stories that caught our eye. What are you guys reading right now?Democrats' road tour strikes back at GOP's stance against raising taxesChristine (no relation) O'Donnell: Morgan's questions were 'creepy'Obama isn't the only one to take a breakObama gets no bounce from Silicon Valley... read more

The fight for diversity in schools

08/18/11 11:34PM

North Carolina's Wake County boasts one of the most diverse and successful school districts in the country. Now their conservative school board is changing that. The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris-Perry has details. read more

'The winner gets nuclear weapons!'

08/18/11 08:16PM

 Friend of the show, Ezra Klein (in fact, he's on the air as I write this), sat in for Martin Bashir today. During the show's segment, Clear the Air, he drew an interesting distinction between campaign trail gaffes. His point: the media should pay more attentions to the gaffes that really matter. Why? Because the winner of the election... read more

Obama’s quest for leverage

Obama’s quest for leverage

08/18/11 08:00PM

How can the president get his agenda through an obstructionist Congress? The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris-Perry talks to Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein. watch


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