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E.g., 7/25/2014
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Friday in Washington.

The U.S. hits debt ceiling

05/16/11 06:20PM

A last-ditch attempt to keep the U.S. economy afloat is now underway. The Treasury Department started to suspend investments in federal retirement and disability funds today in order to stop a possible default."I have written to Congress on previous occasions regarding the importance of timely action to increase the debt limit in order to protect the full faith and credit of the United States and avoid catastrophic economic consequences for citizens," Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in a letter to Congress. read more

Mmmmmm.....lobster roll.

Last Word menu: lobster rolls!

05/16/11 05:00PM

The first real sign of spring in Manhattan? Food trucks have started to line the streets of Midtown, offering up a plethora of options for those who desire something other than the standard sandwich or salad.Our EP, Izzy Povich, took action and fixed the Last Word's case of the Mondays by recommending lobster rolls for lunch. read more

Hate to say it but...told ya so

05/16/11 04:24PM

Lawrence has been talking about Donald Trump’s presidential publicity stunt since March 28. Had we been wrong, it would have been made for some good laughs. We, too, will miss all those fake Trump campaign slogans. read more

Donald Trump (file)

Donald Trump drops his act

05/16/11 03:26PM

You can count Donald Trump out of a 2012 presidential bid. He said he’s sticking with his Celebrity Apprentice hosting gig over a bid for the Republican nomination."I will not be running for president as much as I'd like to," said Trump. read more

First Word: May 16, 2011

05/16/11 02:15PM

Here's a look headlines we're following this afternoon. What stories are you clicking on?Donald Trump officially not running for presidentU.S. hits debt ceilingRush Limbaugh slams Newt Gingrich over MTP appearanceMike Huckabee's exit further widens GOP presidential fieldDominique Strauss-Kahn faces rape charges as another woman comes forward read more

What will Huckabee announce?

05/13/11 11:13PM

SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Huckabee announced tonight he will not run.Mike Huckabee says he'll announce whether or not he's running for president on his FOX News show tomorrow. But Lawrence already has a good idea of what he'll say. msnbc political analyst Alex Wagner joined The Last Word tonight to hear Lawrence's prediction and to survey the rest of the Republican's 2012 potential candidates. read more

Rand Paul's back in the Rewrite

05/13/11 11:13PM

During a Senate subcommittee hearing this week, Senator Rand Paul said that if you think you have a right to universal health care then you believe in slavery. He thinks you're enslaving him as a doctor. That earned him Lawrence's Rewrite. read more

Bin Laden was a porn hound

Bin Laden was a porn hound

05/13/11 08:00PM

In addition to the fairly extensive stash of pornography recovered from the raid, U.S. officials were finally given access to bin Laden's three wives and... watch

'Don't worry kids... Reagan's here!'

05/13/11 02:43PM

Mike Huckabee has launched, to use the press release's words, an "innovative education company to excite kids about America's rich history" called Learn Our History. The company is putting out horribly animated cartoons to teach kids about our nation's history because there aren't any books or the Internets to do that. What we seem to have in this particular Learn Our History cartoon is a lesson on how Ronald Reagan became president and stopped America from descending into a Godless, anti-moral, lazy, crime-ridden cesspool not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah. read more