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First Word: Friday, July 1

First Word: Friday, July 1

07/01/11 08:00PM

There was a time when Republicans would have at least pretended that their tax cut obsessions would help the middle class. Now they're just baldly defending... watch

Citizens United: Part II

Citizens United: Part II

07/01/11 08:00PM

The Supreme Court's newest Justice, Elena Kagan, issued a blistering dissent in a 5-4 decision this week. She says the high court ruled against free speech.... watch


Can 4th of July turn you Republican?

07/01/11 07:24PM

All those parades and fireworks may have more of a political impact than you think. A new study by Harvard University suggests kids who attend Fourth of July celebrations are more likely to identify themselves as Republicans when they grow up.The "Fourth of July influences people's political preferences and their political behavior. read more

Mitt Romney campaigns in Allentown, Pa. on June 30

Romney's latest flip-floppery

07/01/11 06:58PM

When Willard M. Romney challenged Ted Kennedy for his Massachusetts Senate seat in 1994, Kennedy coined the moniker "Multiple Choice Mitt" to describe a man whose positions didn't merely flip and flop between opposites, but bounced around hither and yon like a pinball. The reputation for flip-floppery stuck, and it hasn't been helped by Romney's recent attempts to be both for and against universal health insurance mandates.Now Romney has managed to reduce the art of self-negation to its sublime essence. Over the past few weeks, he's accused President Obama of making the recession worse. read more

Rough start to the 4th of July weekend in Minnesota.

Bad day for Minnesota campers

07/01/11 06:12PM

As of today, most of Minnesota's government closed for business. State lawmakers couldn’t reach an agreement on the budget, specifically how to deal with taxes and the $5 billion deficit.Much like the debt ceiling fight on the national level, Minnesota Republicans are refusing to raises taxes under any circumstances (somewhere Grover Norquist is smiling), arguing the state should rely on deeper cuts in health and welfare spending. read more

First Word: July 1, 2011

07/01/11 03:25PM

Start your long holiday weekend with us tonight at 8pm ET. Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown.Minnesota braces for government shutdown over taxesTim Pawlenty could get bounce or burn from Minnesota crisisWhite House says Congress needs debt deal by July 22Sen. Schumer: 14th Amendment option "worth exploring"Roger Ailes’ secret Nixon-era blueprint for Fox NewsHow does the NBA lockout get resolved? read more

Meet the world's luckiest squirrel

07/01/11 03:11PM

Sometimes you find something on the Internets that has nothing to do with anything, but is so great you simply must share it. Filed under The Friday Awesome (a heading I shamelessly stole from the cool kids over at The Maddow Blog), I give you the world's luckiest squirrel.h/t Jalopnik and toastforbrekkie read more

Colbert forms Super PAC

Colbert forms Super PAC

06/30/11 08:00PM

The Huffington Post’s Alex Wagner joins the Last Word to discuss the fine line between comedy and reality after Stephen Colbert's controversial day at the FEC. watch