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First Word: Thursday, September 1

09/01/11 03:25PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What headlines are you clicking on this afternoon?Partisan fight leads President Obama to move date of speechObama at crossroads in job creation politics Even as he prepares for fall offensive, Obama retreats on jobs speechTucson Republican leader slams county GOP for Giffords gun... read more

Obama and Boehner RSVP drama

09/01/11 12:38AM

New York Magazine's John Heilemann and msnbc analyst Richard Wolffe join The Last Word to analyze this unprecedented public conflict between The White House and Republican Speaker John Boehner. read more

Rewriting CEO pay

Rewriting CEO pay

08/31/11 08:00PM

How can Republicans argue that corporations need tax cuts when some CEOs are making more than their corporations are paying in taxes? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite. watch

El Bloombito es muy awesome

El Bloombito es muy awesome

08/31/11 08:00PM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's hurricane briefings in Spanish provoked what has been called the best thing about Hurricane Irene. The woman behind the tweets of @ElBloombito, Rachel Figueroa-Levin, joins The LastWord. watch

The Obama re-election formula

The Obama re-election formula

08/31/11 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to American University professor Allan Lichtmann about his prediction model that shows President Obama will win in 2012. It's called the 13 Keys to the White House and it's predicted every presidential election since 1984. watch

The best thing about Hurricane Irene

08/31/11 06:57PM

Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene killed 40 people and caused billions worth of in damage up and down the East Coast. There's nothing positive in that. Irene was no dud of a storm at all, and flood waters continue to wreak havoc in many areas.The mucho brilliant thing that came of the whole ordeal is the fake Twitter account, @ElBloombito. ... read more

President Obama speaking at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Tuesday.

Oracle says Obama will win in 2012

08/31/11 05:20PM

Europeans relied Paul the Octopus to predict its World Cup wins. A forecasting model to predict the U.S. president using a special key system seems downright practical in comparison.American University professor, Allan Lichtman, also a guest on tonight’s show, recently predicted Barack Obama will bag the 2012 election."Even if I am being... read more

First Word: August 31, 2011

08/31/11 02:52PM

Here's a look stories shaping tonight's rundown.What headlines are you clicking on today?President Obama requests a joint session of Congress for major jobs speechMitt Romney shifts course after new pollNever-Wrong model predicts Obama winning in 2012Sarah Palin appearance at tea party rally in Iowa 'no longer confirmed'... read more


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