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Colbert Super PAC investigation

Colbert Super PAC investigation

08/11/11 08:00PM

Stephen Colbert is using fear-mongering to raise money for his Super PAC. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reveals what he's really doing with that money in the Rewrite. watch

Fun with corn kernels at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday.

GOP winners, by the corn kernels

08/11/11 07:54PM

Ahead of the debate and straw poll, Iowa voters let their choice for the Republican nominee be known…with corn. Visitors to the Iowa State fair placed single kernels into jars representing their favorite GOP candidate. So far, Michele Bachmann and Willard M. Romney seem to be the corniest — zing!(Forgive me. As a former resident of both Iowa and... read more

Romney faces off with Iowa hecklers

08/11/11 07:17PM

 The days of hiding under the Mittness Protection Program are over. Willard M. Romney faced off with an unruly crowd today at the Iowa State Fair.One heckler repeatedly shouted at the former Massachusetts governor, demanding to know how he would strengthen programs like Social Security and Medicare. Once Romney could get a word in, he finally... read more

Texas Gov. Rick Perry at his prayer rally Saturday in Houston.

Rick Perry running for president

08/11/11 04:57PM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, NBC News can confirm. Perry (and that’s Perry with an 'E' not an 'A') plans to make the formal announcement this Saturday. He's making visits to early primary states South Carolina and New Hampshire.Fellow GOP hopefuls made the pilgrimage to Iowa for tonight's big... read more

First Word: August 11, 2011

08/11/11 03:19PM

Lots of headlines coming out of Iowa today, as Republican presidential hopefuls are gathering for a debate and straw poll. Check out some of the stories we're following now and tell us what you're clicking on in the comment section below.Mitt Romney heckled in Iowa, say 'corporations are people'Romney dodges S&P... read more

Palin to eat fried butter in Iowa

08/10/11 11:12PM

The Sarah Palin “One Nation” publicity bus tour rolls into Iowa later in the week. While not running for president, she plans to join fellow Republicans who have descended upon The Hawkeye state for a visit to the Iowa State Fair (I’m sure actual candidates will love that).Team Palin released a teaser trailer of sorts today on her travel plans,... read more

What Wisconsin recall means for 2012

What Wisconsin recall means for 2012

08/10/11 08:00PM

A disappointment for Democrats in Wisconsin after recall elections fail to turn the state senate in their favor. What are the national implications? MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz joins The Last Word with details. watch

Super committee members announced

Super committee members announced

08/10/11 08:00PM

Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute and Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post join The Last Word with analysis on the lawmakers selected for the special bi-partisan group. watch