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Obama holds his ground

Obama holds his ground

07/15/11 08:00PM

Bloomberg View columnist Jonathan Alter joins The Last Word to discuss the various deficit reduction plans presented by the president and members of Congress. watch

Happy Birthday to us!

07/15/11 07:51PM

msnbc premiered 15 years ago today. Lawrence was actually there from day one, on set in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He was on a panel discussion with Laura Ingram to talk about the recent poll numbers between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Seriously, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole! Everybody has The Friends haircut, it’s a total VHS time warp. We’ll show you that vintage clip of Lawrence tonight in the Rewrite. Here’s a longer promo version, counting down to msnbc’s debut. For the record, there were no blogs back then. My job didn’t exist. read more

Statement issued today by News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch

Apologies all around from News Corp

07/15/11 07:23PM

Another News Corp exec bit the dust today over the U.K. hacking scandal. Les Hinton, the CEO of Dow Jones & Co., resigned, saying in a statement it was the right thing to do. He said was "ignorant of what apparently happened" but apologized for the hurt caused by the actions News of the World staffers.Just earlier in the day, Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News International, formally announced her resignation. read more

The Last Word staffers Ronnie Polidoro, Anthony Reyes and I on our set. Note the Sorting Hat in the foreground.

Gone with the wand

07/15/11 05:10PM

Last night at midnight marked the end of a very magical era. The final installment in the Harry Potter films,  "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" premiered across the U.S. and raked in a record-breaking $43.5 million from just the midnight showings.As you might have learned from some of our past blogs, there are a TON of Harry Potter fans on The Last Word staff. read more

First Word: July 15, 2011

07/15/11 03:07PM

A look at stories shaping our rundown.'Decision time' on budget, President Obama tells leadersObama publicly backs means-testing MedicareSpeaker Boehner: No debt limit solution until after vote on balanced budget amendmentMarcus Bachmann says his clinics are not anti-gayRupert Murdoch apologizes for phone hacking, Rebekah Brooks resignsFinal 'Harry Potter' film sets record for most tickets sold during midnight screenings read more

Closing a debt ceiling deal

07/15/11 08:21AM

As the clock continues to tick down on the debt ceiling deadline, as the Republican retreat and disarray demonstrates, the president's power only increases. Lawrence has the latest details, plus he offers his own quick solution to getting a debt ceiling bill passed. read more