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Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (file)

Huntsman campaign manager quits

07/21/11 07:29PM

There’s been a major shake-up today at former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman’s headquarters. NBC News confirmed his presidential campaign manager Susie Wiles left, and top communications aide Matt David will be the replacement."Susie has served the campaign well and was vital in getting it off the ground in such a short time-frame. In just under three months Gov. Huntsman has returned from China, launched a campaign and created a strong infrastructure in the 3 early primary states,” Huntsman’s senior adviser John Weaver wrote in an email. read more

Former Gov. Buddy Roemer at an event in Bedford, N.H. on Wednesday.

Buddy Roemer enters 2012 race

07/21/11 06:14PM

"You don't want to miss this campaign. It will be something else." With those promising words, Buddy Roemer made his White House bid official earlier today, making his announcement at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.Now the eleventh GOP candidate to enter the race, Buddy Roemer, the former four-term congressman and one-time Louisiana governor identified major problems in other candidates' campaigns. read more

T-Paw skating on thin ice

07/21/11 05:05PM

Lady Gaga-loving Tim Pawlenty compares himself to the Miracle on Ice in a brand new ad. For all you non-sporting buffs, that’s the legendary U.S. hockey team that went on to beat the all-mighty Soviet Union for the Olympic gold in 1980. Many still consider it one of the greatest games of all time.In the video, which began airing in the Hawkeye State yesterday, T-Paw sets the scene by narrating from inside a skating rink. "Out here, you're tested. You face an opponent experts say can't be beat. You fight. You bleed. read more

First Word: July 21, 2011

07/21/11 03:46PM

A look at stories shaping tonight's rundownWhite House refutes reports of debt breakthroughPizza night: Boehner dines with froshAs rivals stir, Mitt Romney sticks to playing it safeJon Huntsman's campaign manager Susie Wiles resignsSarah Palin wants 'to help' mainstream media' Group glitterbombs Marcus Bachmann’s clinic read more

Bachmann issues doctor's note

Bachmann issues doctor's note

07/20/11 08:01PM

Tonight, we’re talking Republican headaches in both the literal and figurative form. After growing questions over her newly revealed battle with migraine headaches, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann tried to squash concerns over her ability to serve in the White House.She asked Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician for Congress, to write her a formal doctor’s note stating her solid-standing health.Surprisingly, most of the pressure on Bachmann is coming from within the GOP from the likes of Karl Rove. Is this a sign they are trying to stop her surge in the polls? read more

DOMA repeal efforts begin

DOMA repeal efforts begin

07/20/11 08:00PM

Executive Director of the Family Equality Council Jennifer Chrisler joins The Last Word to summarize the lively debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee... watch