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Awesome Internets: Friday edition

09/16/11 07:45PM

This video has aboslutely nothing to do with anything important in the world. And there are many serious issues going on...In the galaxy of the Internet, these cute kittehs with lightsabers are the next big deal. Happy Friday from The Last Word staff.  read more

Bachmann not a fan of 'Perrycare'

09/16/11 07:24PM

In a setting not far off from Between Two Ferns, Michele Bachmann condemned "Perrycare." In the low-fi web video, the Republican presidential hopeful attacks Governor Rick Perry's "crony capitalism" over his executive order mandating the HPV vaccine for girls in Texas.  Earlier in the week, it seemed as though her tactic... read more

President Obama and Solyndra CEO Chris Gronet checking out a solar panel during a tour of the company's plant in Fremont, California on May 26, 2010.

Solyndra adds to White House woes

09/16/11 04:42PM

President Obama has been traveling around the country heavily promoting his American Jobs Act. But one jobs issue now threatens to negatively supersede the White House's agenda: green jobs.The Department of Energy program provides start-ups access to low-cost government-backed loans in order to spur innovation in green technology. read more

First Word: Friday, September 16

09/16/11 02:57PM

Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown.Michele Bachmann slams 'Perrycare' in low-budget videoTrouble brewing for White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley?NYC Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobsDavid Axelrod: Polls reflect anger 'toward Washington,' not... read more

Private sector vs. public sector

Private sector vs. public sector

09/15/11 08:35PM

Where are the jobs? Does the public sector really put many people to work? Plenty of Republicans like to say the answer is no, and they say the private sector is the only place people get put to work.But The Economist wanted to know what the reality is, so they did some research and found some facts and put together this handy dandy graphic. On... read more

Boehner talks Obama’s jobs plan

Boehner talks Obama’s jobs plan

09/15/11 08:00PM

In a speech to the Economic Club of Washington, House Speaker John Boehner responded to the jobs bill. The Washington Post Ezra Klein’s and former senior policy analyst in the Reagan White House, Bruce Bartlett join The Last Word to discuss his reaction. watch

Dems unity on Obama’s jobs bill?

Dems unity on Obama’s jobs bill?

09/15/11 08:00PM

Some Democrats publicly criticized the president's jobs plan. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman on how the president is working to get all Democrats on board. watch

Samuel L. Jackson as "Neville Flynn" in "Snakes On A Plane."

The GOP's snakes in a plan

09/15/11 07:44PM

Snakes are the key to saving the economy, according to some House Republicans. Yesterday, GOP members of The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee addressed a proposal to restrict transportation and importation of snakes. In the new report, "Broken Government: How the Administrative State has Broken President Obama's Promise... read more


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