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Rewriting Obama as 'The Antichrist'

09/27/11 09:35PM

On Monday, we tried to tell you the President is not — repeat — not the Antichrist. We also tried to tell you the whole idea of the Antichrist is crazy. But not everybody is listening. Including the guy who called the president "the Antichrist" in Los Angeles, less than one hour after we discussed it on our show. Lawrence has more in... read more

Heart-to-heart with angsty GOP voters

09/27/11 09:25PM

Republicans can't find a presidential candidate they like. Willard M. Romney is just okay. Michele Bachmann led the buzz over the summer, but quickly flamed out. Rick Perry took her place in the spotlight not long ago, only to then disappoint the conservative GOP base over his stances on immigration and his HPV vaccine for girls, not to... read more

Awesome Internets: Tuesday edition

09/27/11 08:01PM

As my buddy George (who pointed me to this awesomeness) said, "Let's build a time machine and send this guy back to 1985 so he can blow the minds of everyone doing the robot." We agree, George. We agree.h/t ToastforBrekkie read more

‘You Betcha’ Palin doc

‘You Betcha’ Palin doc

09/27/11 08:00PM

What happens when you put a British director on the trail of Sarah Palin in her hometown of Wasilla? Nick Broomfield, director of "You Betcha," joins The Last Word in an exclusive interview. watch

Swept up in Christie speculation

Swept up in Christie speculation

09/27/11 08:00PM

New Jersey Governor Christie failed to announce a bid for president in a speech at the Reagan Library in California. Salon columnist, Steve Kornacki, who covers New Jersey politics, joins The Last Word. watch

Hidden factor in super committee cuts

Hidden factor in super committee cuts

09/27/11 08:00PM

Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief for Huffington Post, joins The Last Word with details on the triggered cuts to slash funding for domestic programs if the debt super committee fails to reach, or Congress fails to pass, alternative deficit-reduction... watch

Happy Birthday to us!

09/27/11 05:09PM

The Last Word turns one-year-old today! Seems like just yesterday, you could hear the pitter patter of our very first show. Lawrence interviewed Vice President Joe Biden as our very first guest. Stephen Colbert's testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration made it into the inaugural Rewrite. And my first blog included... read more

Protester calls Obama 'the Antichrist'

09/27/11 03:32PM

Remember on last night's program Lawrence and Matthew Sutton talked about Sutton's New York Times editorial discussing evangelicals, the President and the Antichrist? Yeah, well, we don't know this guy's politics, but this happened last night in Los Angeles.Lawrence will have much more to say about this in tonight's... read more

Rewriting police vs. protesters

09/26/11 08:42PM

In tonight's Rewrite, Lawrence told you we would give you access to the full clips of this weekend's clash between police officers and Wall Street protesters. The full versions of the clips we showed you tonight are below — but a warning... there is some graphic language used in these videos that you did not hear on our broadcast.h/t... read more


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