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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961.

Jackie O tapes reveal darker Camelot

09/14/11 07:42PM

The newly released audio tapes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis offer a never before heard oral history of her years in the White House. To help preserve history, the former first lady allowed herself to be interviewed by her trusted friend and ally, former White House aide Arthur Schlesinger Jr. They recorded more 8.5 hours of tape in 1964, just... read more

Washington meets Middle Earth

Boehner's response to jobs bill

09/14/11 05:59PM

President Obama's jobs bill will be reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and Speaker John Boehner stated yesterday the House will examine the bill in upcoming committee hearings. But let's be real — we all know what Boehner REALLY means.  Take a look at BuzzFeed's custom-made graphic that visualizes Boehner'... read more

NY9 winner Bob Turner with his wife Peggy at an election night party in New York on Tuesday.

Upset for Dems in NY special election

09/14/11 05:06PM

In a major blow for Democrats, Republican Bob Turner pulled off a major upset in New York's Ninth District. A Republican hasn't held this seat since 1923. The GOP now takes custody of a district that President Obama carried with 55 percent of the vote in 2008. read more

First Word: Wednesday, September 14

09/14/11 02:26PM

Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown. What headlines are you clicking on today?President Obama's rough news dayWinners and losers of New York's special electionRick Perry casts himself as anti-intellectual, says his life shaped by faithProtect Your Care group targets Republicans with 'let him die'... read more

House GOP rewrites jobs bill

09/13/11 10:29PM

If Congress decides to vote on only parts of President Obama's jobs plan then the president is going to have to rewrite his "Pass This Bill" slogan. msnbc's Lawrence O'Donnell explains. read more

Rick Perry and the HPV vaccine mandate

Rick Perry and the HPV vaccine mandate

09/13/11 08:00PM

The Texas governor got in trouble with the tea party for his executive order mandating all sixth grade girls be given a vaccine for HPV, the STD linked to cervical cancer. James Moore, who is co-author of the bestseller "Bush's Brain,” joins The Last... watch

Death by poverty

Death by poverty

09/13/11 06:38PM

Cheering for death sentences seems to be the latest craze at Republican presidential debates. Last week audience members rooted for Rick Perry's Texas-style executions and last night peopled shouted at Ron Paul to let a willfully uninsured man die away — it was a hypothetical. These cheerleaders of death might have something else to applaud... read more

Jay Carney loses his fancy frames

Jay Carney loses his fancy frames

09/13/11 05:16PM

In yesterday's White House press briefing, the biggest news wasn't the fact President Obama had just spoken in the Rose Garden or he was about to hit the road touting his new jobs plan. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his glasses stole the show.Jay Carney took the political media world by storm last week when he debuted his... read more

Last night's GOP debate in 75 seconds

09/13/11 04:55PM

Last night the Republican presidential candidates met for yet another debate (yes, really). I know a lot you didn't see it because it was on another network you were still sated from the amazingness that was last week's NBC News/POLITICO Republican Debate (see highlights here). In fact, viewership for last night's debate was down... read more

Is voting GOP voting to repeal?

Is voting GOP voting to repeal?

09/13/11 04:40PM

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein joined The Last Word choir. His new op-ed, "The magical world of voodoo 'economists,'" touches on the "kooky" ideas of GOP candidates to dismantle the federal government. Turning their backs on progress made in the 20th century, the current batch of Republicans want to... read more